Best Results with Adhesive: How to Achieve it?

Best Results with Adhesive: How to Achieve it? You spend a lot of money on a brand new adhesive, and it doesn’t work! Your clients come back days later with all their lashes GONE! Or you are working and the glue dries so slowly that you want to cry! Has this ever happened to you guys? If so, what did you do?

This happened to me multiple times, with hundreds of go glues that I tried. Eventually, I tested the glue I use in multiple conditions.

All lash adhesives have an optimal range of environmental conditions in which they work perfectly. Most of the time and as a rule of thumb, it’s at a temperature of between 65 F- 75 F and relative humidity of between 40% – 60%.

If the conditions stray from those ranges, even by 1°c, your adhesive will act, look, and work differently and poorly.

All you need to do is bring your adhesive back up to room temperature and then give it a good old fashioned shake. 
I have been using our ThousandLashes’ Ultra Crystal Bond and ThousandLashes’ Clear Glue.

I have personally found that these 2 adhesives have incredible retention. They work best with humidity of 25 – 45% and temperature 60 – 73F. The clear glue is a great alternative to those with very sensitive eyes or allergies to carbon black.

Many factors can affect lash extension glue to perform its optimum quality, but you can avoid that with good glue knowledge! 

  1. Before you start your fill, shake your glue bottle. It is necessary to shake the glue to mix all the ingredients of the glue properly.
  2. During the fill, how to use your glue properly. When dispensing a glue drop, do not make direct contact to the surface. 
  3. Burp the bottle
  4. Clean the nozzle properly with clean wipes after use. 
  5. Close the lid properly and tightly. 
  6. Keep it at room temperature. 

Now, its also equally important to adjust the temperature and humidity in your lash. If it is too cold, you can adjust the heating mildly, and see how your adhesive will react. If you guys have any questions please let me know below, I will try and answer all of you guys.

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