Cyanoacrylate Poisoning

All jobs in the world have a risk that we have to be aware of. Eye lashing is such an awesome work to do, however, we also have to protect ourselves for possible sickness.

I am sharing to all of you some of the symptoms a lot of lash artists have been experiencing 😢.
* Runny Nose
* Dry or itchy eyes
* Headache
* Tightness in the chest
* Nausea
* Dizziness
* Other flu-like symptoms
☣️cyanoacrylate poisoning or chronic exposure to formaldehyde

Since lash artistry is still in its diaper stages, we don’t yet know the exact risks of all the hazardous materials we are exposed to.

☑️Cyanoacrylate itself is not necessarily dangerous, however, in the process of our glue drying, it releases a gas called formaldehyde.

☑️Formaldehyde can be very dangerous for lash artists because we are exposed to the fumes all day.

So what do I suggest you guys do in order to prevent these symptoms and decrease your risk of other long term problems?

I personally do these simple steps that you might be interested to follow:

☑️ I always wear our ThousandLashes’ Anti Fume Mask above the mouth.
☑️Wash your face and hands between clients
☑️ Get good ventilation
☑️ To cure your glue drops with water every 30 minutes ( don’t leave your glue drops active, they release fumes, once you are done working with a glue drop. CURE IT !) 💧💦
☑️ Air out your studio between clients
☑️ Purchase an air purifier
☑️ Change your clothes at the end of your work

It’s easy to do something that you are passionate to. But at the end of the day, always remember that HEALTH is WEALTH! Take good care of ourselves so we can continue to give good service to our dear client.