Difference between pre-made fans and hand made fans

Difference between pre-made fans and hand made fans, it has been a long discussion about whether or not it’s advisable to use pre-made lashes.

Let me discuss information about pre-made lashes and the benefits and the drawbacks of using them. Creating asymmetrical, beautiful fan takes months (sometimes years) of practice, tons of patience, and skill.

Many lash artists have shed tears of frustration when learning volume- and we aren’t kidding! 

Oftentimes when something is complicated, there will be companies offering a “short cut”- such as a product that bypasses all the hard work and time spent practicing altogether.

Cue the ongoing lash artist debate – are handmade or pre-made volume fans better?

For all of my Volume lash artists out there, you probably know the difference between using pre-made vs. handmade volume vans.

Obviously, pre-made volume fans are made prior to distribution and come ready to apply. Alternatively, handmade volume fans are, as they sound, created by hand and carefully crafted by the lash artist.

What are Pre-made Lashes?

Pre-made Lashes are fans that have already been created for you. It was placed into a tray ready to pick up and use. Pre-made lashes are not to be mistaken with clustered lashes.

  • A premade fan is a group of anywhere from 2 to 8 lashes that have been glued or heat bonded together at the base.
  • The idea behind premade fans is that a lash artist can save time by not creating fans by hand 
  • The act of fusing the lashes together adds bulk to the base of the fan.
  • When dipped in adhesive, the base becomes even bulkier.

Just like any other type of lashes, the damage will only happen if you are applying them in the wrong way, and not taking notice of how heavy the fans.

They are made to be applied using the same method as you would apply individual semi-permanent lashes.

Good isolation and minimal glue mean the risk of damage is much lower.  

What are Hand-made Lashes?

Hand-made Lashes, also known as “pro-made” fans are created by the lash artist without the use of machinery.

  • These are often made in real-time during the appointment.
  • They are created by removing a few extensions from the strip.
  • They are then fanned using the artist’s preferred method, dipped into the adhesive, and placed on the client’s lash creating a secure bond on the natural lash.
  • To pro-make fans, you repeat the same process, and instead of placing the fan on the natural lash, the adhesive is rapidly cured and stored for later use.

Difference between pre-made fans and hand made fans

Many lash stylists are understandably against the use of pre-made fans, as they have practiced thousands of hours and spent dollars toward perfecting the craft of creating volume fans by hand. They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic or semi-permanent volume lash does.

However, there is a place in this industry for pre-made lash fans because our industry is quickly evolving and we are always looking for a better way to do something we are doing less efficiently. 

For lash stylists who are only just starting out on their volume lash journey, pre-made fans are an excellent way to bridge the gap between classic and handmade volume.

It absolutely saves time for the beginner lash artist and allows them to offer their clients looks that are a little more extravagant, like a hybrid, volume, and mega volume. Furthermore, volume sets typically cost more money, therefore it often makes sense for the beginner or even intermediate lash artists to actually use pre-made fans in order to book more clients and charge more for sets.

Seasoned lash artists sometimes use pre-made fans just to save time when they are booked up, and need a more efficient way to do their lash set.

How are pre-made fan lash extensions made?

So actually the way pre-made fans are made with assistance from a machine.

The way it works is a row of thin PBT threads are arranged on a lash tray, then the roots (=base) of these threads are either heat-bonded or connected via a small amount of adhesive.

Once the roots are well bonded with the adhesive the PBT threads are then rolled into the desired curl they also undergo a processing and heating process in order to retain the curl.

The final step of the process is for the lash factory workers to actually manually separate each individual fan in order to attach them to the adhesive strip on the lash tray.

The final step is to package them and ship them out.

The Drawback

One of the biggest drawbacks I can think of is the fact that pre-made fans don’t allow for as much customization in your lash art. The way I see it, it is much harder to customize your lash fans according to your client’s request.

There are long leg lash fans and short leg lash fans lash artists can choose from. Since the fans are already made, a lash artist can not for example make the fans more narrow.

It is also not possible to easily adjust the number of fans the lash artist will use, from a 3D to a 6 D for example, since the fans are already complete.

A lot of clients don’t necessarily care about if the lash artist makes her own fans or uses pre-made fans, they are about getting in and out quickly and making sure their lashes last. There will be some clients that might care about having your personal creative touch, for those clients you may need 

However, in the near future, I strongly believe we will have more custom options available since there is a great demand for this product. The beauty industry is advancing with great speed, and pre-made fans are becoming more and more perfect.

Take a closer to our ThousandLashes’ Pre-made Fans




ThousandLashes pre-made fans are amazing for easy application of volume eyelash extensions.

  • They’re heat bonded, latex-free, and uniquely designed to deliver exceptional volume and fullness.
  • They can be used to create a natural, full, or dramatic look based on the thickness of the fan-selected.
  • If you desire a more natural look, purchase the 6D or 6C. If you’re going for a more dramatic style, select the 10D.
  • Great symmetry and perfect distance between each fan
  • With 6D Russian Pre-Made Volume Fans, applying lashes only takes half the time.
  • With every lash you apply, you get the look of applying 6 lashes.
  • Suitable for clients who don’t have a lot of natural lashes, for fuller and more dramatic effect.

Premium quality and curl:

  • Thousandlashes of pre-made volume eyelash extensions are made of high-quality Korean silk.
  • They are so light and comfortable. Baking technology was added to make the curvature more durable and softer.
  • Perfect for making Russian volume fuller look set.

Specially treated the foot of the fan:

  • We use a unique double Heat-Bonded method to ensure an ultra light-weight lash without compromising strength and Ultra-thin base.
  • The pre-made fans don’t easy to fall apart or separate when picked up by the lash artist.
  • Suitable for beginner professional lash artists, and lash artists looking to save some time since the fans are already pre-made all you need to worry about is applying them on your clients.
  • Black Matte in color, no blue hue visible on the lashes. Lashes undergo a special process in order to ensure the lashes do not lose their curl after application.
  • Size: 6D D curl 0.07  Mixed lengths. Total of 240 volume fans in one box. This volume lash extensions were made in a sterile, dust-free environment. It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate your client’s eyes.
  • All our products are vegan and cruelty-free. These expertly crafted lashes are made from sustainably sourced materials, we care about our planet.

When to use pre-made lashes?

  • You are a newbie and learning how to do the Russian Volume set, this is a very good alternative. 
  • A lash artist who got a fully booked schedule. This will help you cater to more clients. 
  • When you are a client, who wants to get her lashes done as soon as possible. 

How to increase your income and decrease the treatment time?

Our beautifully crafted, high-quality Volume Lash Extensions Pre-made 6D Fans will allow you to fulfill your clients’ dreams of wispy, full lashes in half the time! 

You don’t need to spend hours making the perfect fan for your client, we have already done it for you! All you need to do is grab the fan from the tray and apply it to the clients’ lashes!

What are the advantages of handmaking fans?

  • Quality: Volume fan lashes are an advanced skill to master and commitment to learning the skill is essential. Once you’ve trained it is a fantastic achievement to add to your plethora of accomplishments. 
  • Minimizes Damage: Handmade fans wrap around the natural eyelashes so the weight of the synthetic lash is evenly distributed. 

What are the advantages of Pre-made Fans?

  • Time-saving: For clients that want a fast treatment, pre-made fans are much quicker to apply. 
  • Ease: Pre-made fans make lashing easier for individuals who aren’t used to volume techniques.

What are the disadvantages of Pre-made Fans?

  • Retention can be shorter than handmade volume
  • Premade lash fans are more expensive and less adaptable than handmade volume.
  • Also, its base being pre-bonded, it’s harder to make it wrap around the natural lash- possibly make shorter retention than handmade volume fan.  

How To Choose Pre-made Lash Fans

Applying volume lash extensions are like mastering sculpture. Unlike classic lashing where the application is one-to-one, the volume lash extension application is a delicate balance act performed between multiple lashes. 

It is an act that involves weight, diameter, and length—not to mention creating a perfect fan that must be carefully picked up and wrapped around the natural lash.

Heat-bonded fans vs glue-bonded fans

Heat-bonded means the fan is sealed together at the bottom only using heat. Why NOT Use Glue Bonded. Many lash stylists believe that this first type of pre-made fan, with the glue, is NOT recommended for client use — and this is true! The glue-bonded is a fan held together through the use of adhesive.  

Are premade lash fans safe for eyelashes?

Many lash stylists believe that this first type of pre-made fan, with the glue, is NOT recommended for client use — and this is true!  The quality of the fanned lashes themselves may not be detrimental to the client’s eyes, but the glue used to hold the fan together adds extra unnecessary weight to the natural lashes.

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