Eyelash Extension Kit Essentials

Most of the lash artists gone through training to further develop their eyelash skills in their craft. What’s next for you to practice?

Then you have to find the right products that you will be using not only for products but for your future clients. I will be sharing some guidelines on which to include in your kit:

Eyelash Trays: 

First off will be the most important lash supply: Lashes. This goes for both classic and volume courses. Ideally, you’ll receive multiple trays with a variety of lash lengths.

You have to make sure that your lashes are easy to work with. This will largely help you to create a lovely eyelash extension set.

All trays come with length indicator strips on each individual row to keep you organized and efficient! Trays have 16 rows and over 4000 lashes per tray!! More than 25 % more than standard trays!

Beautiful, full lashes at your fingertips. These lashes are unique because they are already grouped in sets of 5. Take the guesswork out of trying to pick up a certain number of lashes.


Eyelash Extension Adhesive:

How are your lashes going to stick without adhesive? If you’re a brand new lash artist and are just starting out in a classic course, you’ll probably want a slow-drying adhesive while you’re learning.  This allows for mistakes to be easily corrected.

But, if you’ve been lashing for a while, and want to up your game with a volume course, you’ll probably be safe using a pro adhesive that dries in one second or less.

Their extreme black finish allows you to create a deep black, and still fluffy, volume set of lashes. Created with a perfectly sized, and non-sticking strip – this makes it easy to build beautiful spreading fans quickly.

The Velour

First of all, this lash adhesive is our NEW Rockstar! Drying time is just right, as a result, it just grabs to the natural lashes and fans don’t close.

Product Description

  • Drying Time: 0.5 second
  • Retention: 7 – 8 weeks
  • Viscosity: very thin
  • Color: seamless black
  • Lower fumes
  • Latex Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Humidity: 25% – 75%
  • Temperature 65 – 78 F.
  • Recommended for intermediate artists

Ultra Crystal Clear Bond

It is a very flexible adhesive with a wide humidity and temperature range.

  • This Adhesive is clear and is amazing for clients who experience allergies to the regular black adhesives.
  • Retention is amazing that lasts for 7 – 8 weeks.

Ultra Crystal Bond

This glue bond lashes for up to 8 weeks! It has a very thin consistency and rapid dry as a result it makes volume lashing so much easier.

This glue has the best retention on the market, therefore, it has significantly helped to reduce the time and amount of work with your touch-ups.

Above all, clients tend to love this adhesive since it does not have a strong odor. It doesn’t leave any residue or film on the lashes.

Product Description

  • Drying time – 0.5-1 second
  • Retention – 8 weeks
  • Viscosity – very thin
  • Color – seamless black
  • Minimum fumes
  • Flexible structure

For humid climates or in the summer may require a professional dehumidifier.


  • All lash adhesives need to be handled with extreme caution and the utmost care.
  • When opening any bottle of adhesive, you must open it away from your client. 
  • Excessive amounts of glue on the skin may cause burns to the skin or hair.
  • Thousandlashes is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of adhesive.

Eyelash Extension Pads and Tape

Eye pads and tape are essential to lashing, so let’s make them a good habit right off the bat.  Eye pads and tape protect the sensitive skin under a client’s eyes and they keep the bottom lashes down so that they don’t get glued to the lashes you’re extending.  Make sure to include these to your list of things to buy!

Our eyelash tape has great toughness and good thickness. In addition to eyelash extension, our foam tape is ideal for relieving pain and preventing blisters, calluses, abrasions, and irritation caused by walking or outdoor activities.

  • Substitute for gel pads
  • Use for securing small lower lashes
  • Easy to customize for clients lower lash line shape
  • Will not swell or shift when wet

This tape is very soft and gives a good cushion for tweezers, works well with clients who are allergic to collagen and gel patches, it is perfectly thick and gives natural lashes a lift when needed, and safe for skin and lashes.

Eyelash Tweezers:

Tweezers are as important as your lashes and adhesive. The tools that will be handy for you to do your job. You might need various kinds of tweezers depending on the set that you are doing.

There will be so many good brands in the market, but you will be the one to make sure you have to test and feel it first.



  1. Perfect for the beginner as well as advanced lash artists and eyelash extensions professionals, these l tweezers allow very precise application of eyelash extensions.
  2. Perfect Ergonomic Design: A comfortable design to make sure you can hold the tweezer firmly and maintain accuracy during use.

  3. Quality Assurance: Each of our products undergoes a rigorous lash artist inspection and testing.

  4. These dolphin eyelash extension tweezers are great for working with volume lashes as well as mega volume lashes.

There is so much more to add to your kit. Try to purchase only from reputable lash suppliers who will provide you with the high quality of products. Enjoy lashing and welcome to our lash community!