Get More Lash Clients and Keep Them

Get More Lash Clients and how to keep them. There are a lot of strategies on how to get clients and making sure they’ll be back for more new sets or maybe for a refill and possibly invite their friends too.

To start off, I suggest you drop off some flyers, posters, and homemade three-fold color leaflets to potential customers locations. I am referring to hair salons, waxing salons, nail salons. Just think of locations that would have a very high female clientele that may also be interested in lash extensions.

Social Media

Nowadays it is impossible to ignore social media while trying to grow a successful business. The key to a successful social media marketing plan is knowing how to take stunning and eye-catching photos of your lash work. The number one error a lot of lash artists make when taking lash photos is poor lighting. Therefore I would strongly suggest practicing a lot taking pictures in various lights and angles, and only posting the best possible photos to your social media pages.

 Create eye-catching offers for first-time clients

Everyone wants to feel like they’re receiving special treatment. Therefore it would be a great idea to think of a great way to make all your clients feel special. Have some kind of a referral program in place, or offer 20% off service on a slower day like a Monday. Welcoming first-time clients with some sort of “first-visit special” is a great way to get new clients through the door.

Utilizing Online Local Listings 

I would use local listings, such as google ads, or craigslist to get your name out there in the community. I would strongly not recommend using Yelp, as I have heard about them basically blackmailing you into paying for ads in order to keep all your reviews active. This is a great way of doing business, and for someone starting out, paying 500- 1000k for Yelp ads is expensive, and unnecessary in my opinion.

Do few clients for free

You can have a few models that you can work on. These might be your potential clients and possibly to attract more clients by inviting their friends to join them too. However, you have to remind them that they needed to pay for their refills.

Provide an ambiance worth-staying for

Treat them as the most valued customers, I would suggest creating a cozy feeling place, play music that will let them sleep all the way to the end of their appointment. Prepare your lash area, the bed that they going to lay in for the next 2 -3 hrs. Make it a lasting feeling that they wanted to clamor for more and wanted to go back for their refills.

Check out my lash area and the bed set-up that I am preparing for my clients. All the decors are available on my website. Our best-seller 3-in-1 pillows and bed cover.

Lash Pillows: 3 Piece Bundle

Use quality products

Another factor why clients come back to you are the products that you are using. You can’t compromise the kind of service that you have with cheap and substandard products.

They are your valued customers and they deserve nothing but the best products possible. Quality Eyelash extension products can be purchased in my ThousandLashes website.

These are my favorite lash products that are included in the Deluxe Beginner Kit that I am currently using on my clients. These help me to get more clients and proven to keep them from coming back.


Continuously Educate Clients

Clients might show you sample work that they wanted to do for their lashes. However, you know for a fact that it’ll not going to be healthy for their lashes. By all means, you know better regarding lashes and they’d appreciate if you can suggest.

It is very important to instruct your clients on how to take care of their lashes. This one thing could be the thing that determines if a client turns into a regular client or gets really mad. I also provided lash aftercare kits for my regular clients and they’re loving it so much.

I also do retail of our Deluxe Aftercare Kit and it’s a complete package too. Everything that you need to make sure your lashes are clean and well-taken car off.


Provide Above and Beyond Service

Who would not want to be treated so special? I personally wanted to be treated so special and I know the sense of fulfillment and wanted to go back. So I know for a fact that it’ll make so much difference. I am using the same strategy to make my clients come back because they know that they will get an above and beyond kind of servcice.

Act and Look Professional

Yes, you are already bond with your regular clients, but still, we need to make sure that we still act and look professional. We are working in a beauty industry so we have to make sure we are well prepared physically. You are a lash artist so we need to make sure that our lashes are on point too. Our lashes will serve as a sort of walking advertisement.

One more thing that I need to point out, always look happy and ready to provide a happy ambiance to your clients. Some women go to you to at least lessen their stress or forget their problems, so if you are having a bad day, please don’t show it to your clients. Leave your problems behind. When it’s appointment time, give your A-game aura.

I hope these helps you to have that always fully booked days! Remember, make the clients feel special! Let me know what you think of this blogpost and looking forward to hearing from you.