How much to charge for eyelash extensions?

Now that you have decided to put up your own lash business. Ready to take your first client and add confidence to all these women. But the question is, how much to charge your clients?

There are actually a lot of things to consider. You have invested time, energy, and money into lashing art. Base how much to charge for eyelash extensions on the resources you’ve invested.

In the end, never forget the value of what you give or the importance of what you get back. In lashing, you give and get the gratification, sisterhood, joy, and so much more!


Consider the education and experience that you have. Are you licensed? Are you certified? Any relevant pieces of training that you have attended.

Clients usually what to know and trust someone who is a legit lash artist. Someone who has the qualification to perform the job.


This is a big factor in mapping your price list. Consider where are you located, what is the cost of living in your area.

Research on this and you can also visit some salon or area who offers lash extensions, then you can make your price list accordingly.


The added factor would be the products that you are using. Are you buying from a local distributor or internationally.

The higher the quality of your products, the higher that you can charge. Quality and efficient products that can help you produce a gorgeous set.

lash area

You also have to take note of your lash area. Are you renting a studio or working at home? Renting or you own the area. Consider the bills that you need to pay every month.


I have included the things that you will consider in making your price list. Please be reasonable with the way you charge the clients.

No matter how much you charge, make sure to give the value of the money that your clients will pay. Or give them an above and beyond kind of service.