How to do a glue patch test?

Doing a patch test on new clients is so important 🌸 
Here are a couple of different ways you can do it.

☑️ Apply a small amount of glue to the outer corner of the eyes most distal lashes.
☑️ Apply a small amount of glue behind one of the clients ears. Skin is very sensitive there, so if a client were to have a reaction, it would be fairly obvious.
☑️ Apply 3-4 lashes on the outer corner of the client’s eyes, in order to evaluate if the patient is to experience a reaction, wait for 24h
☑️ Wait for 24 hours, and if no reaction proceeds with the application.
☑️ If the client refuses the patch test, have them sign a liability waiver, meaning, they accept the responsibility in case the have a reaction to the glue.

If they react to your regular lash glue you can try a sensitive lash glue to see if that works. I have a great clear glue that works wonderfully with clients who have sensitive eyes. 😍😍😍
The health of the client’s eye is so important! ☺️💕
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