How To Do An Eyelash Extension Patch Test

How to do an eyelash extension patch test? Whenever you get a new client, you must do a patch test. It will help you identify if they are allergic to the lash extension glue or not. It is usually done at least 24 hours before their procedure so that you will be able to observe if they have any reaction.

How To Do An Eyelash Extension Patch Test?
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If you're a new client and this is the first time you're getting eyelash extensions, your lash artist should do a patch test with you. It is to ensure that the glue used on your eyes during your appointment is safe for you.

Even if you've had eyelash extensions before, it's essential to do a patch test because glues can change over time.

There are many reasons you might have an allergic reaction to eyelash extension glue. It could be from the formulation of the adhesive itself, or it could be because of something in your product line (moisturizer, makeup remover, etc.) that has come into contact with your lashes before your appointment.


As a lash artist, Here are a couple of different ways you can do it:

1. Apply a small amount of eyelash extension glue to the most distal lashes' outer corner of the eyes.

2. Apply a small amount of eyelash glue behind one of the client's ears. Skin is susceptible there, so it would be pretty obvious if a client were to react.

3. Apply 3-4 lashes on the outer corner of the client's eyes to evaluate if the patient is to experience a reaction. Wait for 24HRS.

4. Wait for 24HRS and if there is no reaction, proceed with the application.

5. If the client refuses the patch test, have them sign a liability waiver, meaning they accept the responsibility if they react to the eyelash glue.



A patch test is simply a way to establish whether the client has an allergy or reaction to the glue or products you will use during their appointment. If a chemical allergy occurs, it will be within 2-3 hours of application, which can be fatal. It's imperative always to do a patch test.

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Doing a patch test on new clients is very important. Some people could be allergic to ingredients found in the glue. The patch test is free and takes only a few minutes to perform. Without this test, it could be disastrous for both the client and the eyelash extension artist if an allergic reaction were to occur during the eyelash application process.

If they react to your regular eyelash glue you can try a sensitive lash glue to see if that works. I have a great clear glue that works wonderfully with clients who have sensitive eyes.



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