If light bothers your client’s eyes

Aside from the fact that we wanted to make our clients beautiful, their comfort during their session is one of our priority.

For a first time client, it will be hard for them to close their eyes for quite a long time. Are you a lash artist that struggles with clients twitching and moving their eyes during application?

Twitching and moving eyes during the application can be a big issue when applying lash extensions. If the eye is constantly moving it creates a risk of glue getting into the eye.

It can also cause you to not apply the lashes correctly on each lash resulting in premature shedding.

Let me share you some tips to calm their eyes during the application.

  • Be sure your client has not drank coffer or any caffeinated drinks before coming in for her lash appointment .
  • Cut out a piece of lash patches in shapes of a circle.
  • Apply it to eyelid and this will block our the light, this will help client sleep.
  • Try keeping the talking to minimum. When talking, the eyes seem to flutter a bit more.
  • Ask your client if the light being used is bothering them. If so, try to dim the light to the lightest possible.

We hope these tips help! If you have anything to add, please comment below and would love to hear from you all.

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