Lash Artist Client’s Consent Form

Have you ever experienced getting a service and they let you sign a consent form? If yes, this business is doing all the right things in terms of protection for their client and their business.

As a lash artist, having a consent form is an essential document you should not neglect. What do you include in your concern form?

Let us dig in with the details below, these are important but you can add more if you find it necessary.


Who would not be proud to show the world your first-ever classic lash set? You took your mobile phone and captured the best shots from all angles, even do boomerang and videos to capture the beauty of your work.

Wait there girl, you can’t just post your client’s photos/videos, they can sue you for doing that without their consent. This will be part of your form.

  • Why are you taking photos/videos?
  • What is that for?
  • Where are you going to use it?
  • Which photos/videos to be shared?
Video Player

If there won’t allow any posting, then respectfully accept it, those photos/videos you have taken can be used for your personal learnings and documentation.


A crucial part of your consent form is writing down the terms and conditions. What should you include in this part? This will include your cancellation policy, late policy, and refund policy (if necessary).

You have to carefully draft this part, write on what to do just in case a client was unsatisfied with your service. What will be policy just in case a client is no-show and demands a refund?

This part will protect you and your business just in case something happened and do avoid any confusion for both parties.


You don’t need to make it long and a novel-like form, make it short, concise, and readable. At the end of the day, you wanted your client to understand that is written on the form.



Things are getting easier these days, all done electronically, you can send your consent form ahead of the appointment, so they’ll have all the time to review it.

There’s a lot of App or booking services that you can use to do this. or example, with SignNow you can manage client appointments, reminders, payments, and consent forms all in one place. Acuity Scheduling is another similar booking system that allows your clients to fill out a consultation form and agree to terms all while booking their appointment.

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