Lash extensions on a Pregnant client?

In any business, we wanted to give our clients the above and beyond kind of service. As a lash artist, we take pride to take care of our dear clients. Giving them the best time possible.

Setting up the lash area which will make their appointment a comfortable one. A fluffy lash blanket, a lash pillow and a half knee bolster so they can laid down comfortably.

A usual set up, however, what if we have a pregnant client? More so, that we need to give them the best and comfortable stay.

Would you accept or refused a pregnant client? Here are the tips that would help you if you have a pregnant client.



It may sound awkward but inform your client that its just your standard operating procedure. Most pregnant clients don’t have any issues with lashes, but for those who develop an allergy or irritation if can be extremely uncomfortable (and even unsafe) for both mother and child.

Patch TEST

Once you already confirmed that your client were pregnant. I strongly recommend a patch test for her. If the client got a reaction, trust your instinct here – by all means, don’t go ahead with the treatment. You priority is still the welfare of your client and the unborn child.

Extend appointments

Now your already accepted a pregnant client, you have to allot an extra time, if the usual treatment will last for 2 hours, give an extra 30 minutes, there will time that needs to move a little, drink or bathroom break to ease the pain of lying in one position for the entire session.

Pregnant clients can be a bit tricky on our part as a lash artist. Just follow the simple steps to make their appointment a smooth one.

We are helping them have more confidence before their big day! Congratulations to all the future mommies who will become all clients soon.

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