Lash Products to Save and Splurge On

As a lash artist, choosing products for my studio is my top priority for my client. I have tried hundreds of products which doesn’t pass my standard. The very reason why I came up with the idea of putting up my own line of products which I personally and carefully tested.

I have posted on my Instagram account asking my followers on which lash products to save and splurge on. I am overwhelmed by the feedback that I got from the ladies. We came up with a list of products.

What last product to save on

What to save? These are the brushes, micro brushes, gel pads, paper tapes, remover, primer, etc. What to splurge? These are glue, lashes, volume tweezers, etc.


I personally invested with the quality tweezers, I have various types of tweezers on my website. I am using ThousandLashes’ Volume Tweezers as it help eliminates finger, wrist, and hand fatigue. My new product is the Dolphin Tweezer which is perfect for isolating, classic or volume lash pick up. For a beginner, you can use our Newbie Tweezer that greatly works for those pre-made fans and this is gripping easily. This Lavender Tweezer is one of my favorites as its ultra-light and flexible.


Adhesive Bond

I have been using our ThousandLashes’ Clear Glue to my clients, this adhesive has great retention. It works best with humidity of 25 – 45% and temperature 60 – 73F. Those who bought this online recommended that they love this glue because they said its a great alternative to those with sensitive eyes or allergies to carbon black.

Our personal favorite Lash Glue is our ThousandLashes’ Ultra Crystal Clear Bond. It is a very flexible adhesive with a wide humidity and temperature range. Retention is amazing that lasts for 7 – 8 weeks. The lashes will never fall off before they are ready to shed! This stuff is magic in a bottle and is the perfect “Go-To” adhesive and must-have for your lash arsenal.

Ultra Crystal clear Bond


At the end of time, we have to make sure that we only buy quality products to legit suppliers. The health and happiness of our clients is our utmost priority. If we are satisfied with the products that we are using for our clients, we will surely perform our work well.

TIP: Prioritize and invest in quality products only