License Requirements in Nevada

License Requirements in Nevada for Eyelash Extension

Have you just been doing lashes of your friends and family members? Ever thought of stepping up and be certified to offer this service?

Don’t worry, dear! We have been all there, browsing posts on Instagram of those artists with lovely lashes work. I also love watching tutorials on YouTube.

I got so inspired and wanted to be like them too. You are excited to be part of the lash community. You do so much research to get to know more about the career you are about to join in.

Ever felt you have got so much information yet you still got confused about how to start? Worry no more my future lash sisters, we, at ThousandLashes is dedicated to helping the aspiring lash artist to start their journey on this industry.

Are you ready to become a lash artist? If so, please continue reading and learn more about eyelash extension certification requirements! Anyone from Nevada who is preparing to offer lash extension once we all back to normal?

According to the Nevada State of Cosmetology, here are the requirements for your reference. Check this License requirement in Nevada

NAC 644A.810  Place of practice: Licensed cosmetological establishment; exceptions. (NRS 644A.275)

1.  Except as otherwise provided in this section and NAC 644A.815, a person licensed to practice cosmetology may practice only in a currently licensed cosmetological establishment.

2.  In the event of an emergency, a person so licensed may practice elsewhere as the circumstances warrant if the licensee notifies and receives approval from the Board before engaging in that practice. The notification to the Board must include:

(a) The name of the person to receive the service;

(b) A description of the type of service to be provided;

(c) The address or the location at which the service will be provided;

(d) The date and time when the service will be provided; and

(e) The name, type of license and number of the license of the licensee.

3.  A person may engage in emergency practice only if he or she regularly operates or is employed in a cosmetological establishment. A person who engages in an emergency practice shall indicate in the appointment book of the establishment that the appointment is an out-call service.

4.  A licensee may perform services outside of a licensed cosmetological establishment if the customer to receive the services has received a letter from his or her doctor which states that the customer is under the long-term care of the doctor and such services can be performed safely, in consideration of the medical condition of the customer. Services provided by a licensee to such a customer must be provided in compliance with this section.

Watch their video for License Requirements in Nevada:

Eyelash Extensions Training Programs

My piece of advice, better get a license, you want to have that peace of mind while you are doing what you love. With repercussions like fines or worse. It’s better to be safe while we are dealing with our future clients.

If you are licensed, keep reading to learn more about those important steps!

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