Proper Hygiene: How to Sanitize your Lash Room And Eyelash Tools

How do you keep eyelash tools clean? What is the best way to sanitize lash tools?  In our line of work, proper cleanliness is an essential. We must keep our working place or lash room clean, disinfect our materials, and guarantee that we are clean and ready to work.

As a lash artist, you must make the following a priority in order to ensure that everything is not only clean, but also sanitized and disinfected.

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Below are steps for sanitizing and disinfecting your work station, your lash supplies, and even yourself, to stop spreading of germs or possible infections.


Clean up your lash room or workplace

Dispose of everything that is non-reusable. Using a disinfectant wipe, clean the workplace. Anything you or your tools touched during the service counts.

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Between each client, thoroughly wash hands with warm water and soap about 20-30 seconds. Hand sanitizer should be kept on hand at your station for usage during lash service. Apply at least a dime's size of hand sanitizer to one hand's palm. For the product to work, rub your hands together for thirty seconds.

Importance of hand washing


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Check and cleaning your lash supplies

Before disinfection, reusable lash tools must be thoroughly cleaned. 

Steps for disinfection include a clean reusable tool, a heated watcher, and soap.

  • Use a new disinfectant and follow the manufacturer's directions.
  • To eliminate residue, rinse the tool in clean water.
  • Let the tool to air dry or dry with a clean, lint-free towel. Cover it with a clean towel or keep it in a tightly sealed container.

What do you clean lash tools with

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Pinch the sponge ball many times with the tweezers in the cleaner liquid. It's also a good idea to spin the tweezers within the bottle so that they may make touch with the sponge ball.

Wipe the extra liquid from the tweezers before removing them from the bottle. Your tweezer should be free of debris. If you have a tweezer with particularly persistent residue or adhesive that won't come off, soak it in the solution for two minutes before wiping it clean.

How do you sterilize tweezers?

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Because your tweezers come into contact with your client's eye area, you don't want to pass on their tears or other eye mucus to your next clients. Allow at least 20 minutes between appointments disinfect your tweezers and other tools.

What can I use to disinfect my tweezers

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To avoid further contamination, wash your hands before your next session. Make sure to rub the soap between your fingers and rub for at least 20-30 seconds on all sides of your hands.



This can be done in a variety of ways. One option is to use your fingertips. Make sure to rub the tweezers completely and to get every area of them.

You may also clean your tweezers with a sponge. Sponges are flexible, making them easier to maneuver. You can also use a  smaller sponge so that it may fit nicely between the tweezers.

A disposable lash spoolie or cleaning brush can also be used. Spoolies are ideal for scrubbing tweezers since the bristles are thick enough to avoid damaging them. The lash spoolies are also the perfect size for tweezing between the lashes.

A little brush with thick bristles can also be used to clean your tweezer. Scrubbing tweezers without breaking them is easy this way. The bristles work well because they get right in between the tweezers and cleans any surface debris that may have gotten stuck on the tweezers



To disinfect your tweezers, apply a barbicide. Because barbicide is concentrated, you'll need a measuring cup. The advantage of having a concentrated mix is that one bottle lasts a long time and takes up little shelf space. Now all you have to do is mix the barbicide with water and use it.



Place the tweezers in the tray gently, making sure they are side by side and not jumbled together. Then, into the tray, pour the barbicide solution. Allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes with the lid closed.



The disinfection of the protective covers for your tweezers is something that lash artists overlook. Use a little container cup to do this.

Fill the tiny cup halfway with isopropyl alcohol to completely saturate the protective covers. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

To dry the covers, place a clean paper towel on the side. After that, you'll rinse it with clean water. To ensure that all of the alcohol has been eliminated, keep rinsing and draining them. Place them on the paper towel when you're finished.



Rinse well under running water until there is no more residue. When you're finished, place your tweezers on a clean paper towel to dry.

To clean each tweezer, only use a clean paper towel. Make sure the inner parts of the tweezer are completely dry. Place the paper towel between the tweezers and gently press the tweezers against the paper towel to do this.

To avoid any water buildup or staining, try to dry the tweezers as much as possible. To make the paper towel fit more snugly in between the tweezers, fold it a few times.

Make sure your tweezers protective covers are totally dry before storing them. There should be no water left on it because water might attract bacteria over time.



Place the protective coverings on the tweezers after they are completely dry. This is important because it protects the tips of your tweezers from contamination and harm in the case that they are dropped. 


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    Always keep in mind, lash artist, that the eye is a delicate and sensitive area of the body. It's critical that you keep your workstation clean and cleanse and disinfect all tools used between clients.

    We recommend spending at least 10-15 minutes between lash services. Before your next client arrives, you'll have time to clean and arrange your lash bed, organize and sanitize everything at your work station, disinfect all your tools, and thoroughly wash your hands. We've also discovered that having a second set of tweezers on hand might be useful when the first set is in the disinfectant.



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