Setting Up Your Lash Studio

How to set off your lash studio. Now, that you have decided to put up your own eyelashes business, what’s next? It will be the setting of your work area, your studio, where the magic will happen.

Thinking about setting up an eyelash extension business? Not only are eyelash extensions all the rage these days but this business also has a relatively low upfront cost. You can even run your business from home!

Of course, despite this, we still understand that going into business can be overwhelming. You want it to be successful. That’s why this blog post will cover ten tips to help you set up your business the right way from the very beginning.

What to consider in designing your lash studio? Here are the tips that we will share with all of you especially to the newbie lash artist. 

Find an inspiration

 We are lost with ideas, I want this, I want that, but then we cannot come up with the concrete plan, what we can do, visit some Pinterest account that showcases inspiration that you might be interested in. Google will be our friendly neighborhood wherein we can search whatever that we want. From the color to the theme, to the equipment, all will be found. Research is the KEY

Find an inspiration


Now that you are equipped with the ideas of design. It’s time to conceptualize. What do you want your studio would look like? Do I want my studio to have a pink and purple shade wall decor? Put all the ideas together. 


Create a Professional-Looking Salon (Even at Home)

If you have decided to deliver your services from home, it’s still important to put some thought into creating a professional space. Just because you’re operating out of your guest bedroom doesn’t mean that it needs to look like one!

This doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money. Second-hand shops, thrift shops, and so on are great places to get furniture that will make your bedroom look more like an actual salon.

Keep in mind that this should hold true for your living room as well, which many at-home lash techs use as their waiting room.

Time for some action

You have done with all the planning stuff. Let’s stretch those muscles and time to work on with your studio. Make your ideas come to life. 

Time for some action

Own It

Yes, you may draw inspiration online or from your friends, make sure that your studio will make its own identity. Make all the design personal, the feeling that ‘you are your studio’.
The very reason why we come up with our own product line that you can check out from here.

Inspiration online or from your friends

Happy Place

Make sure that the feel of your studio is exactly what the design wants to portray. We wanted to make our clients feel that they found a happy place to escape from the pressure of life. Our lovely clients feel really comfortable because of our bed covered by our lash bed cover, they are also using our memory foam pillow and our soft blanket while having their lashes done.

ThousandLashes’ Lash Decor


  • Half Moon Bolster Pillow will surely be comfy for your dear client while having their appointment. Our ergonomic designs and durable construction set us apart from other memory foam pillows, ensuring you get the sleep you deserve and the pain relief you need. 


  • Lash Blanket: Our clients love how soft and warm our ThousandLashes’ Blanket. Even better, they get softer when more you wash them. They’re a perfect addition to your salon accessories. Featuring a crisp, vivid design on the front with a reverse white side.


  • Suitable for All Sleep Postures — Sleeping pillow, Eyelash Extension pillow, this pillow adopts ergonomic curve design, suitable for all sleep postures. Whether you’re a side pillow or a back pillow, it can help you fall asleep without neck stiffness or shoulder pain. 


  • Stretchable Lash Bed Cover will be your best choice as party tablecloths, wedding tablecloths, vendors, buffet table cloths. A great way to add a pop of color to any lash room. Made from high-quality Lycra and Spandex to give lots a stretch and yet a snug fit.



Wrapping It Up

We hope to get you inspired by these simple steps to follow. You might want to check our website to find great products to add up to your new lash studio.

Going into business – and especially the lash extension business – is an exciting time. However, it’s important not to forget that building up your clientele will take time and effort. Don’t get discouraged along the way.

Continue to work at it and you will see returns from your efforts.

Disclaimer: Photos are grabbed from Google