Tips on How to Start Your Lash Journey

Tons of tips will be given on this blog. My road towards my lash journey has been challenging. Looking back to where I started, I realized that I have grown to become a better version of myself.

I have kept pictures of my work for me to be reminded that things are tougher when I am just beginning this journey.

When starting I have little to no help at all, no one to turns to and ask for questions. I researched online, looked for professional people to attend their training and seminars. I also need to help myself in learning theories.

Searching for products has never been easy because they are tons of suppliers yet there are few with good quality that I can use for my lash business. It took me years to finally come up with my line of luxury products.

I am confident that these are of high quality yet the reasonable price that the beginners can definitely afford.

My search for the perfect products for my lash business. I personally selected each of one of these items. I can attest to the quality of my products as I am also using these to my own clients.

You might be a beginner reading this blog and asking where to start? Please continue reading as I discuss some tips that you might use in your lash business.

Invest in yourself

If you want your work to improve, most importantly, you need to invest a lot of time, energy and focus into your training, as well as learning on your own as much as you can. Youtube is definitely your best friend and listens to your mentors.

Selfie 101

Invest in some photography skills, workshops, and a good camera to take your awesome work of art. This is very important, your photos are only as good as your equipment.

Practice makes your work BETTER!

Continue practicing daily, it doesn’t matter if you are tired, or don’t have time, or no clients, make yourself productive and make sure to do something in each day that improves your skills.

Negativity Around

Starting is really messy and discouraging, you have to remind yourself why you even started this and why do you want this badly. Negativity is just around the corner, leave the toxic environment, surround yourself with positive people who will lift your spirit.

Customer Satisfaction

Now that you already have a client, make sure to give your above and beyond kind of service, because your clients can be used as your marketing tools when they’re happy, they will definitely recommend you to their family and friends.

If you happen to have a client who’s not satisfied with your work, take it as a learning process and improve. Please don’t feel bad. (I know it’s hard)

Sharing is Caring

Once you’re up there and being a PRO in the business, please give back by sharing all the things that you have learned and share your knowledge with everyone especially to the newbies.

Up until now, I am still improving myself. As I learn, I am also sharing it with everyone. Keep in mind these simple tips that will eventually be beneficial in your career.

Anyone who will be interested in any of my mentorship or lash courses, please let me know, I am 100% here to offer my support to my lash sisters. Please follow me on @thousandlashes_ and @thousandlashesupplies

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