Wispy Lashes Kit

Wispy Lashes Kit

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Wispy Lashes Kit has all the amazing tools you need for your unique journey. Our goal is to empower and support you with the highest quality supplies on the market, designed by a lash artist.

What it is :

Get all your lashing essentials in one place with this Wispy Lashes Kit, create a gorgeous wispy set with these lash supplies. 

  • 1 pc tweezer
  • 2 trays of regular lashes
  • 1 tray of colored lashes
  • 1 box of under-eye patches
  • 1 glue remover
  • 3 pc sponge
  • 1 glue
  • 1 pc pouch

Good to know:

  • Untrained use is not allowed and you must be trained, certified, and know how to use the perming products.
  • This product is only for professional applications.