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Free Lash Tweezers



Thousandlashes Dolphin-Shaped Curved Tweezer is suitable for volume extensions, classic extensions, and specialty extensions. Perfect for isolating and applying classic lashes. Amazing for shimmy technique and pinch technique.

Thousandlashes Isolation Long 45 Degree Tweezer is created with a precise tip. This isolation tweezer has a thin 45-degree tip for perfect isolation. They are made extra thin and long, ensuring perfect ergonomic weight distribution to reduce wrist fatigue. These tweezers are perfect for lash artists with longer fingers, as they will have an easier time with this tweezer.

Thousandlashes Precision Volume 90 Degree Tweezer has a non-slip hand grip and works well if you are used to working with this 90-degree Volume tweezer. Suitable for volume lash work. The L tips of the whole boot are laid flush, closed completely.  Features the sharpest point and precision and it helps to make both narrow and wide fans.

Keeping you satisfied with our eyelash extension tweezers is our number one goal. This is our favorite and our best tweezer.

These tweezers are 100% FREE
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