Lash Adhesive Cure Aid Speed Curing Solution
Glue aid adhesive cure solution
Glue aid for lash extensions
Glue Aid
Lash Adhesive Cure Aid Speed Curing Solution
Glue aid adhesive cure solution
Glue aid for lash extensions
Glue Aid


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Thousandlashes Glue Aid will give you the extra speed you need to work quickly and efficiently

Lash Adhesive Cure Aid Speed Curing Solution



When your adhesive starts acting like a DIVA and refuses to cooperate with your room temperature and humidity levels we recommend putting your adhesive back in its place.

The glue cure aid is just the solution you need to speed up the dry time of lash adhesives that aren’t curing effectively due to low humidity levels.  If you notice your adhesive taking a long time to cure, and you would like to speed it up the glue aid should be the tool on hand in your arsenal.

You do not need this glue aid when working in high humidity environments, because your adhesives will naturally speed up due to the humidity levels being high. This can truly be your secret weapon in battling issues with Temperature and Humidity in your lash room.

This glue aid will also come to the rescue when your lash fans seem to be closing instead of remaining open. Just dab a little drop of the glue aid on the micro brushes and spread it on the lash strips before lash fanning, and watch the magic happen. Your lash fans will remain open, and no longer close as they did before the glue aid came into the picture.

The glue aid will also effectively reduce the smell and irritation of glue, reduce the allergy rate, extend the lasting time of the lash adhesive


  • Apply  2 – 3 drops of the solution of glue aid on your microfiber brush
  • Wipe at the bases of the extension lash strip only as you place it on your tile
  • Wait 2 mins after application, start applying for your lash extensions as usual
  • Use this product minimally, you don’t need a large amount of this solution. The solution must only be applied on the base of the lash strips, not the eyelashes and skin of the clients
Lash Adhesive Cure Aid Speed Curing Solution


*DO NOT use glue aid with easy fans as it will dissolve the light adhesive strip that holds the lashes together and allows for easy fanning 



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