Lash Glue Tile

Lash Glue Tile

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This sexy little number will look so stylish and professional on your lash table. This lash adhesive holder has room for 6 adhesive drops, this is great to remind the lash artist that it’s time to change the glue drip every 30 min. It holds your glue drop in the perfect concave shape which makes the adhesive last longer and prevents it from curing too quickly.

Why it’s great?
  • The adhesive wells can be used to aid in the forming of the lash fan bases using the shimmy technique. This can be accomplished by lightly swiping the lash base on the side of the adhesive well, adjusting it into place.
  • The adhesive drops will always remain separate from each other.
  • Great reminder to change your adhesive every 30 minutes by having multiple spots for every 30 min.

How to use it?

  • Pour the adhesive into the well every 30 minutes for a fresh glue drop that is very fresh.

How to clean it?

Try soaking it in acetone for 45 minutes and wipe the glue away using a paper towel. The adhesive should come off easily from the surface of the tile.

*Always wear gloves when removing the product from acetone.