How to make sure your lash clients keep coming back?

The client’s lash retention is as important to keep them coming back as well. What will be the reasons that the clients will keep coming back to you?

There are a lot of other lash artists in your area, what keeps you stand out from the rest? It is the way you treated your customers, how you make sure your services are superb.

Here are the things to remember to keep clients from coming back. 

An above and beyond kind of service

Regardless of who they are, you should give out an above and beyond kind of service. The kind of VIP treatment. 

Show appreciation

You will not be expected to BFF with your clients. A little personal touch and some personal connection would break the usual client-artist relationship. They would appreciate this kind of gesture. 

Follow up

Yes, they’re done with their session, they would appreciate if you ask them how’s their lashes are, remind them of their aftercare and lash related stuff, maybe give some tips and tricks to improve their retention. 

Reward System

This is still the best marketing tool, an added factor why clients keep coming back. Have a reward system for your clients. Make a referral discount for your avid clients, they would surely invite more new clients to your salon. 


Make sure that you’re maintaining a sense of professionalism at all times. Implement rules for all and no exemption. Be friendly and be an artist too easy to deal with. 

Do your best

Make sure that you are always doing your best to provide the service that your clients deserve.  With all these steps, I am certain that clients will surely be coming back to you. 

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