What is the shelf life of my glue unopened?

Up to six months if stored properly

What is the shelf life of my glue opened ?

4-5 weeks, store it in a special airtight container, with silica packs.

Are your lash trays animal cruelty free?

Yes. We use a faux or synthetic mink that is derived from PBT Thread (polyurethane)

How do I know the tweezers will be appropriate for me ?

We hand test every tweezer personally before shipping. You may need to find the perfect sweet spot for you, each artist is different and works with various techniques, therefore it’s important to play around with the tweezers once you receive them.

Do you offer a sensitive glue?

Yes. We do offer a glue for clients with sensitivities. It is the ultra crystal clear bond. It has the same retention as our black adhesives, but it is clear in colour. This adhesive doesn’t have carbon black, which is responsible for sensitivities most of the time.