This week, we're excited to introduce our featured lash artist, Ali, who brings her beauty expertise to the sunny shores of San Diego, California. Ali, known on Instagram as @beautybyalicatt, cherishes her coastal city for the peace it brings her and the endless opportunities for growth.



She honed her skills at Elysium Academy in Academy City under the guidance of her teacher Brandy and draws inspiration from mentors like @Brow_baddie & @bellalash, who have built impressive followings and inspire women in the beauty industry.

Ali has been a part of the lash world for five years, a journey begun at her sister's encouragement. She's not only expanding her skillset as a lash and PMU artist but is also on the cusp of completing her esthetician studies. Starting out wasn't easy; Ali faced challenges with isolation and retention, spending four hours on a full set and worrying about client satisfaction. She struggled to find the right glue and lashes that worked for both her and her clients.

However, Ali's perseverance paid off. She immersed herself in learning through online videos, practiced tirelessly on a mannequin, and explored techniques like the tape method and gel pad method. She reached out to other artists for advice, building a community around her passion.

Ali's inspiration as a lash artist stems from a lifelong love for beauty. From doing makeup, hair, and lashes for friends and family, she saw a chance to make a mark in a rapidly growing industry. Her motivation is fueled by the positive impact she has on her clients and the thriving demand in the beauty sector. She enjoys the flexibility and independence this career offers and is driven by the potential to build a successful and profitable business.

For those new to the field, Ali's advice is simple but invaluable: practice relentlessly. Lash extensions are an art that demands precision and a keen eye for detail.


Let's shower some love and support on Laila's lash page @beautybyalicatt celebrating her dedication and skills in the world of lashing!





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