Let's shine the spotlight on our #featuredlashartist of the week, Alma Lopez, better known by her handle @amorluxlash.


Alma is based out of Houston, Texas, where she also received her lash training. With an impressive tenure of 3 years and 6 months in the lashing industry.

Alma recalls her early days when she faced challenges such as mastering isolation, ensuring the lashes were placed correctly, and improving her speed. But with sheer determination and the unwavering support from her sisters and a special friend, who allowed her to practice different sets on them, she overcame those hurdles.

She credits her perseverance to her lash tech, a high school friend named Elisa who is also in the lash business. Both have been her pillar of strength, pushing her to excel and not give in to setbacks. What drives her passion for the lash industry is her family and the incredible lash technicians she has met throughout her journey.

For those budding lash artists and those facing hurdles, Alma's advice is heartfelt. She encourages, "Don't give up, girls! It might seem challenging at times, but with persistence, practice, and continual learning, it will all be worth it in the end. Remember, each of you is unique, so avoid comparing yourselves to others. Keep doing the remarkable job you're known for."

Lash Artist

Let's shower some love and support on Alma's lash page @amorluxlash., celebrating her dedication and skills in the world of lashing!





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