FEATURED LASH ARTIST: Cheyanne Mazzarella

This week, we're excited to feature another talented lash artist in our community. Let’s dive into the journey of Cheyanne Mazzarella, known on Instagram as @lashedby_cheyyy.

FEATURED LASH ARTIST Cheyanne Mazzarella

Cheyanne is based in Westport, MA, and began her lashing career in October 2022 after training online through Fixe Beauty Academy. Starting her lashing career during a challenging chapter in her life, Cheyanne was seeking a new career path and found her passion in lashing and cosmetics.

Initially, gaining confidence in her work was a struggle. She was worried because her first lash sets didn't look as polished as others', which was quite discouraging. However, through consistent practice, patience, and the motivational support from her patient clients, friends, and family,

Cheyanne has seen her skills improve with every set she creates. This progress keeps her motivated and driven. Let's show our support and love for our #featuredlashartist, Cheyanne!  @lashedby_cheyyy




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