FEATURED LASH ARTIST: Jacqueline Hernandez

Jacqueline Hernandez, also known as @luxury_by_chingona serving clients in Elk Grove and South Sacramento, CA.

FEATURED LASH ARTIST Jacqueline Hernandez

She was trained by the renowned Lashed by Tayde LLC and has been dedicated to the art of lash extension for two years, embracing every moment of her journey.

Initially, she faced challenges with isolation techniques, finding that tape was an indispensable tool. She has overcome these challenges by maintaining consistency and viewing each mistake as a valuable lesson. Her motivation stems from the satisfaction and confidence her clients exhibit after their lash sessions, which not only inspired her to pursue a career as a lash artist but also fuels her passion every day.

Jacqueline's drive is powered by the thrill of personal growth and the daily challenges she conquers. Her advice to any new lash artist is to remain consistent, actively listen to clients, and never hesitate to seek guidance from fellow professionals. She emphasizes that learning is an ongoing process and that it's perfectly acceptable to seek help. Additionally, she advocates for the use of referral programs, which help sustain and expand clientele.

Please show love and support to her lash page and appreciate the vibrant community she's fostering through her work @luxury_by_chingona





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