In the world of lash artistry, every artist has a unique journey and story. Today, we spotlight Monica Anderson, who shines on social media with her handle, @marikit_by_monica.

Featured Lash Artist: Monica Anderson


Monica is not just a lash artist; she's a testament to persistence and passion. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, she chose to get her training locally, right in the heart of Jacksonville.

Although she's been in the lash industry for a mere 7 months, Monica's journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Like many beginners, Monica faced her set of challenges. Creating fans with her lashes was an uphill task, and completing a full lash set seemed like an eternity. Doubt crept in during these early stages, making her wonder if she was cut out for this line of work.

Yet, with unwavering determination, Monica practiced day in and day out. A pillar of support for her during these times was her husband, whose encouragement proved invaluable. The real turning point came when Monica started serving clients. Seeing the happiness and confidence her work instilled in them was a massive boost to her morale.

When asked about her inspiration, Monica mentions that there wasn't any particular individual who influenced her decision to pursue lash artistry. Instead, her driving force was simple yet profound: the joy of making others feel beautiful and confident about themselves. Every lash she attaches, every set she completes, is a testament to her belief that her craft can change how someone views themselves.

To those budding lash artists or anyone finding their footing in the industry, Monica shares a nugget of wisdom: "Don't focus on what you can't do at the moment. Instead, channel your energy into improving a bit every day. Persistence is key, and before you know it, you'll achieve what you set out for."

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Follow Monica's journey and get inspired on her social media page @marikit_by_monica.



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