How to Hold Your Lash Tweezer Correctly

How to Hold Your Lash Tweezer Correctly? It is so important to hold your tweezers correctly.

For this blog, I would like to share the correct placement of the tweezers and how to make sure you are comfortable in order to lash comfortably for hours, however, there are simple ways to correctly hold your lash tweezer.

Are you wondering how to use our tweezers to the best of your ability? Proper grip, isolate with two tweezers and practice getting creative with them.

As learning any new technique can feel awkward at first we recommend practicing this grip.

When it comes to tweezers, positioning is purely down to personal preference, however, when you have back to back clients all day, bad positioning of your tweezers can cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Very often lash artists including me will hold the tweezer the wrong way. This is really detrimental to your lashing abilities.

For a lash artist working with classic sets only, these mistakes will cause great discomfort and joint pain to the lash artist.

However, if the lash artist works with volume, and mega volume sets, incorrect positioning of the fingers on the lash tweezer will directly impact the ability of the lash artist to make lash fans, and apply them to the client’s lashes.

My recommendation:

Always hold your tweezer with 3 fingers, the index and middle finger should be on one side as shown on the picture. The thumb should be on the other side of the tweezer.

For additional support you can also use your 4th finger closer to the tip of the tweezer.

When creating a fan your hand, thumb and index finger are relaxed. The only finger doing the work is the middle finger.

The other fingers of the hand are just there for support. The middle finger will be the one applying the pressure on the tweezer and manipulating it.

Common mistakes

What are some common mistakes in beginner and seasoned lash artist on holding tweezers?

For instance, if you hold your tweezer high as seen on the picture, you will end up having a very loose grip, and your lash fans will end up falling apart.

This is an important distinction to remember. You must have a really good grip while you are trying to work with those tweezers.

However, if you hold your tweezer very low, kind of like holding a pen you will have to press very hard on your tweezer which is going to put a lot of pressure on your hand.

After that, it can cause long term pain, as well as premature muscle fatigue. Our whole hand should not be getting tired in the process of holding your tweezer.

The second problem of holding your problem very low will be that you will have a much harder time with the application of the lash extension onto the client’s natural lash.

Your fingers will be in the way, therefore, you will have a difficult time accessing the clients lashes.

In addition, when holding your lash extensions tweezers is actually only holding it with 2 fingers.

This will make your work much harder because you will be lacking the stability of the index finger in order to support your middle finger while applying pressure on the tweezer.

Tips and Trick

 In additional tips, to hold my isolation tweezers, I am getting my index and middle finger and resting on the end of my fingertips, thumb in the middle resting on the knuckle of my ring finger.

Similarly, 3 fingers will move down towards the forehead elbow out resting on the forehead, so by using this method I can easily work on the forehead and to access both eyes quite easily.

I can rest my wrist on the side of the forehead elbow down, angle down, towards the eye pad never towards the eyeball, elbow comes up and rest on the corner of the forehead so I can easily access the whole eyes without squishing the eyelashes and getting my hands on the adhesive.

Our ThousandLashes Volume Tweezer is my personal favorite, Whether you are a novice or an experienced lash tech, you can try this tweezers. It fits comfortably in the hand.

The tip is a bit thick but very durable. Unlike thin tweezers, it is not easy to bend the eyelashes, and it can grab every single lash.

I would recommend holding your 2 fingers behind and your thumb in the middle and try not to hold your tweezer too high and you’ll minimize the strain in your hand.

Whatever ways you feel like holding your tweezers, make sure that you are comfortable, and in addition to that, it should lessen hand fatigue.

In conclusion, keep on practicing and you’ll surely master how to old your tweezers, remember that your hand is one of the tools we are using to do our work.

As I always say, take good care of yourself so we can take good care of our beloved clients.