How To Hold Your Lash Tweezers Correctly

How to hold your lash tweezers? What is the proper way to keep eyelash extensions tweezers? Is it essential to hold your tweezers correctly? These are some of the questions I've heard from all of you guys.

As a lash artist, the tools of your trade are essential. One of the primary tools in our kit is the lash tweezer. Holding them correctly not only ensures precision work but also prevents hand fatigue during those long lash sessions. Here's a simple guide on how to hold your lash tweezers the right way!

How To Hold Your Lash Tweezers Correctly


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I want to share the correct placement of the tweezers and how to make sure you are comfortable to lash comfortably for hours. However, there are simple ways to hold your eyelash tweezer correctly.

How do you hold eyelash tweezers?

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Like learning any new technique can feel awkward, first, we recommend practicing this grip.

When it comes to tweezers, positioning is purely down to personal preference. However, when you have back-to-back clients all day, the wrong positioning of your tweezers can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Most of the time, some lash artists, including me, will hold the tweezer the wrong way. 

For a lash artist working with classic sets only, these mistakes will cause significant discomfort and joint pain to the lash artist. However, if the lash artist works with volume and mega volume sets, incorrect positioning of the fingers on the lash tweezer will directly impact the ability of the lash artist to make lash fans and apply them to the client's lashes.


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Always hold your lash tweezer with 3 fingers. The index and middle finger should be on one side, as shown in the picture. The thumb should be on the other side of the tweezer.

For additional support, you can also use your 4th finger closer to the tip of the tweezer.

When creating a fan, your hand, thumb, and index finger are relaxed. The only finger doing the work is the middle finger.

The other fingers of the hand are just there for support. The middle finger will apply pressure on the tweezer and manipulate it.

How To Hold Your Lash Tweezers Correctly


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As a lash artist, mastering the art of holding eyelash extension tweezers is crucial. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, it's easy to overlook the importance of a proper grip. Here are some of the most common mistakes lash artists make when handling tweezers:

1. Holding the Tweezer Too High When you hold the tweezer too high, your grip becomes loose. This looseness means your lash fans can easily fall apart during the application. A good grip is essential for precision and efficiency, so always ensure you're holding your tweezer in a way that gives you full control.

2. Holding the Tweezer Too Low On the flip side, holding your tweezer too low—similar to the grip on a pen—requires you to press harder. This added pressure strains your hand, leading to:

  • Muscle Fatigue: Over time, pressing too hard can cause pain and premature muscle fatigue. Remember, your entire hand shouldn't be tired from merely holding a tweezer.

  • Difficulty in Application: Holding it very low means your fingers might obstruct your view and access to the client's lashes, making lash extension application a cumbersome task.

3. Using Only Two Fingers to Grip If you're only using two fingers to hold the tweezer, you're setting yourself up for challenges. Without the support and stability of the index finger, you risk shaky applications. The index finger acts as a support to your middle finger, ensuring steady pressure and precision during application.

How To Hold Your Lash Tweezers Correctly

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TIPS AND TRICKS: A Lash Artist's Guide to Perfect Application

Lash tweezers are an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any lash artist. But like any tool, the effectiveness largely depends on how it's used. Here, I'll share some insights on how to optimize your tweezer technique for a flawless lash application.

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1. The Importance of Holding It Right You might be surprised to know that the simple act of holding your lash tweezers correctly can elevate your lash application game. Proper grip not only ensures precision but also minimizes the risk of hand fatigue and potential muscle damage in the long run. 

2. The Technique for Isolation Tweezers When working with isolation tweezers:

  • Rest the end of the tweezer on the fingertips of your index and middle finger.
  • Position your thumb in the middle, allowing it to rest against the knuckle of your ring finger.

With this grip, move three fingers downwards, directing them towards the client's forehead. Keep your elbow out and resting on the forehead. This positioning facilitates easy access to both eyes and a streamlined working process.

3. Positioning for Optimal Access When working on the lashes:

  • Rest your wrist on the side of the client's forehead.
  • Angle the tweezer downwards towards the eye pad, ensuring you never direct it towards the eyeball.
  • Lift your elbow and rest it on the corner of the forehead. This positioning helps you access the entire eye area without compressing the lashes or accidentally touching the adhesive.

4. Spotlight on the ThousandLashes Volume Tweezer The ThousandLashes Volume Tweezer holds a special place in my toolkit. Its ergonomic design makes it suitable for both beginners and seasoned lash techs. The slightly thicker tip ensures durability and prevents inadvertent lash bending, enabling precise grip on every single lash. For the best grip, hold the tweezer with two fingers behind and your thumb in the middle. Keeping the tweezer positioned lower can also reduce hand strain.

Working zone for your tweezers


Remember, the goal is to find a grip and position that feels natural to you and reduces fatigue. Always prioritize comfort and ensure that your hand remains relaxed throughout the lash application process. Your hands are your best tools, so take care of them!

Incorporate these tips into your lash application routine, and you'll notice not only an improvement in your technique but also a reduction in hand fatigue.


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The right way is when you can work comfortably with it without feeling any tension in your hands or wrists while holding your lash extensions tweezers. You want to feel relaxed when picking up the lashes, so watch out for these signs:

If you feel a lot of tension in your hand, that is a sign that you are holding it incorrectly! If you feel tired quickly during work, that is also a sign that you have it incorrectly! It should be comfortable for you to work for hours at a time!

Keep practicing, and you'll surely master how to old your tweezers. Remember that your hand is one of the tools we use to do our work.

As I always say, take good care of yourself so that we can take good care of our beloved clients.


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