How To Price Eyelash Extensions

How do you price eyelashes? How much should a beginner charge for lash extensions? Do lash techs make good money?

As a lash artist, setting the right prices for your eyelash extension services can be tricky. You want to ensure you're fairly compensated for your time, skill, and the quality of the materials used, while also staying competitive in the market.

Let's dive into a straightforward guide on how to price your eyelash extensions, including some examples to help you get started.

How To Price Eyelash Extensions


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It costs money to grow eyelashes. It is a labor-intensive process, so setting your pricing around what you need to pay for supplies and employees can be helpful when deciding how much you should charge for eyelash extensions. I hope this article has helped you, and thank you so much for reading it!

Here is a sample lash price list! BUT TAKE NOTE: there are different factors you need to know before setting up your price.

Lash Price List


Calculate Your Costs

Materials: Start by calculating the cost of materials used for each client. This includes lashes, adhesive, under-eye pads, and any other disposables. For example, if the total cost of materials per client is $10, this needs to be factored into your pricing.

Overheads: Consider the overhead costs involved in running your business. This includes rent for your space, utilities, insurance, and any subscriptions or services you use. For instance, if your monthly overheads are $1000 and you see 50 clients a month, you need to add $20 per client to cover these costs.

Your Time: Your time is valuable. Determine an hourly rate for yourself based on your experience and skill level. If you’re a skilled lash artist spending 2 hours on a full set and you want to make $30 per hour, that’s $60 for your time.


Research the Market

Look at what other lash artists and salons in your area are charging. Pricing too high might limit your client base, while pricing too low could undervalue your services.

If the going rate for a full set in your area is between $100 and $150, use this as a benchmark to set your rates competitively.


Consider Your Unique Value Proposition

What sets you apart from other lash artists? This could be anything from specialized certifications, exclusive high-end lash materials, or a luxurious salon experience. If you offer something unique, you can price your services higher.

For example, if you're one of the few lash artists in your area offering anime lash sets, wet look lash sets, or using ombre lashes, you can add an extra $20-$30 to your standard pricing.


Create Tiered Services

Offer a range of services at different price points to cater to a wider client base. This allows clients to choose a service that fits their budget and desired look.

For example:

Classic Full Set: $120 for a 2-hour session

Classic lash extensions

Classic Lashes, Elite High Humidity Adhesive, Incredible Retention Primer and Super Bonder are used in this set. To shop, please click here.


Volume Full Set: $150 for a 2.5-hour session

Brush the lashes

Volume Lashes mix curls D, CC, and C, and Velour Lash Adhesive used in this set. To shop, please click here.


Mega Volume Full Set: $180 for a 3-hour session

mega volume lash extensions

Neon Color LashesVelour Lash Adhesive, Incredible Retention Primer, Super Bonder and Promade Fans used in this set. To shop, please click here.


Factor in Discounts and Packages

Consider offering discounts for first-time clients or packages for regulars. For example, a 10% discount on the first visit or a package deal like “Buy 5 fills, get the 6th free.” This encourages client loyalty and repeat business without significantly reducing your per-session earnings.


Adjust Based on Feedback and Profitability

After setting your prices, be open to adjusting them based on client feedback and your profitability. If you're booked solid months in advance, it might be time to raise your prices. Conversely, if you're struggling to fill slots, consider a promotion or reevaluate your pricing structure.


Examples of Pricing Adjustments:

  • Raising Prices: After a year of consistent bookings and positive client feedback, you decide to increase your rates by 10% to reflect your growing expertise and demand.
  • Promotions: During slower months, you offer a $20 discount on volume sets to encourage bookings.


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Pricing your eyelash extension services doesn't have to be complicated. By understanding your costs, knowing your market, valuing your unique offerings, and being flexible, you can set prices that are fair to both you and your clients.

Remember, clear communication about your pricing and the value you provide is key to maintaining happy, loyal clients.



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