Inventory For Lash Supplies: What Supplies Do I Need For Lash Business?

What supplies do I need for lash business? What do I need as a beginner lash Tech? 

Deluxe Beginner Kit For Eyelash Extension

Deluxe Beginner Kit For Eyelash Extension used here. To shop, please click here.


There are so many people who wanted to be a lash artist and start off on their lash business. Wanted to offer this kind of service needs a lot of attention. 

You have to make sure you have enough eyelash extension supplies, proper stocking and checking your stocks, not too many and just enough to service the number of regular clients that you are having and have some extras for possible walk-ins. If you allow walk-ins of course. 

As a lash artist, choosing lash extension tool and supplies for my studio is my top priority for my client. I have tried hundreds of lash products which doesn’t pass my standard. The very reason why I came up with the idea of putting up my own line of lash products which I personally and carefully tested.

I have posted on my Instagram account asking my followers on which lash products to save and splurge on. I am overwhelmed by the feedback that I got from the ladies. So, we came up with a eyelash extension supply list. Make sure to have an inventory for your lash supplies.



These are the brushes, micro brushes, gel pads, paper tapes, remover, primer, etc.



These are glue, lashes, volume tweezers, etc.


How to ensure that you have enough eyelash extension supplies for your clients? You have to make sure that you ask your clients to book their appointments ahead of time for you to know the number of materials that you will be needing.

During these hard economic times, it's going to be difficult to buy so many lash products and not using all of them.

I would always suggest to always have an inventory of your lash products, you don't like to buy so many supplies and yet not using it. 

Be on the look out for lash suppliers that you like, check their website or social media platforms for possible website wide sale or promotion. From their you can add supplies on your inventory on a much discounted rate. That will save you more money. 


1. Tweezers

I personally invested with the quality lash tweezers, I have various types of tweezers on my website. I am using Purple Plasma Tweezers Kit as it help eliminates finger, wrist, and hand fatigue. These tweezers perfect for isolating, classic or volume lash pick up. 

Best tweezers for eyelash extensions

Purple Plasma Tweezers Kit used here. To shop, please click here.

2. Adhesive Bond

You have to carefully choose your lash adhesives as you can't store so many lash adhesive and not going to use most of them, it might go to waste. 

Know the humidity of your area and from there, you will know which one you are needed to purchase. 

I have been using our ThousandLashes’ Clear Glue to my clients, this lash adhesive has great retention. It works best with humidity of 25 – 45% and temperature 60 – 73F. Those who bought this online recommended that they love this glue because they said its a great alternative to those with sensitive eyes or allergies to carbon black.

Crystal Clear Adhesive

Ultra Crystal Clear Bond used here. To shop, please click here.


This Velour Lash Adhesive is our NEW Rockstar!   

Drying time is just right and it just grabs to the natural lashes and fans don’t close. The perfect glue to use in various humidities. It is incredibly flexible and adjusts fabulously to most temperatures and humidities. On top of all these benefits, this lash glue is oil and water-resistant.

Best eyelash glue for extensions

Velour Lash Adhesive and Ultra Crystal Bond used here. To shop, please click here.

3. Lashes

Your lashes should be not only affordable but also with amazing quality. Have various trays that you can choose from, that will be used for different looks. It's also an addition to have a few colored trays to add on your inventory. Just in case you have a client that are adventurous to try out different lash looks and styles. 

Lash Extensions

Volume Lashes, Color Lashes and Mix Shade Color Lashes used here. To shop, please click here.

Best premade lash fans

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Promade fans

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4. Lash Decors

This will be a one-time big-time investment. So what you are going to do is to look for the good quality because if not, you will end up buying these all over again. And remember, the comfort of your clients are top priority. 

Lash Pillows: 3 Piece Bundle are pillows that offer total comfort to your client while getting their lashes done. Your clients are guaranteed to fall asleep as soon as their body hits the massage table for their 2-3 hour lash service. Massage tables are not comfortable, and in order to keep your clients coming back you need to ensure that your studio provides them with peace, comfort, pleasant smells, and relaxing music.  These 3 pillows will not only dress up your studio, but they will also make your clients feel like they are sleeping on a cozy fluffy cloud.

Lash Decor Ideas

Lash Bed Decor Pillow and Bed Cover Combo used here. To shop, please click here.


5. Cream Removers

Removing eyelash extensions is now easier than ever before with the premium ThousandLashes mango melting gel remover a fast and quick alternative that will make your job a lot easier. 

This will help you remove those lashes and your clients will surely enjoy the smell of mango, cream tea and strawberry and who would not love it?

Best eyelash extension cream removerScented Melting Lash Cream Remover used here. To shop, please click here.


6. Lash Care Kit

You could give this one for free or retail it to your clients. They will surely love this and you will also help them to remind how to take good care of their lashes. 

Lash Shampoo

Lash Foam used here. To shop, please click here.


Lash Foam Brush Combo for Eyelash Extensions is perfect after kit combo pack! Our eyelash foam shampoo has an amazing foamy consistency and cleans with our ultra-soft brush. It has a gentle cleansing formula that removes eye makeup and impurities from lashes.

Lash shampoo is an absolute must-have for all lash artists and those who wear lash extensions to help keep lashes clean leading to better retention and preventing eye conditions from occurring.



  • Gentle foaming mousse consistency
  • Non-burning formula
  • Oil-free
  • Perfect for at home everyday use
  • Suitable for cleaning lashes
  • Perfect for cleansing the brow area before tinting treatment
  • Removes makeup, oils, and dust/dirt from hairs and skin
  • The addition of Aloe extract moisturizes protects and nourishes skin and hair
  • Paraben-free
  • Alkyl sulfate free
  • 50 ml


    Lash Wand Tube: Multifunctional Lash Brush

    Looking for a perfect solution to package your eyelash cleaning brush that is compact, disposable, and can multifunction? Well, meet our little disposable tubes that pretty much do everything.

    I have giving this one tube each to my lovely clients and it will surely be a hit to your clients too. These should always be available for your clients. 

    Eyelash brush with tube

    Lash Wand Tube Multi Functional Lash Brush used here. To shop, please click here.



    At the end of time, we have to make sure that we only buy quality products to legit suppliers. The health and happiness of our clients is our utmost priority. If we are satisfied with the products that we are using for our clients, we will surely perform our work well.

    PRO TIP: Prioritize and invest in quality lash products ONLY!


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