Lash Artist's Guide: Promotions for Every Month of the Year

How can I promote my lash business? How do I promote myself as a lash tech? How do you attract more lash clients? Eyelash extensions have become a must-have for many beauty enthusiasts, offering a longer, fuller lash look without the need for daily mascara applications.

As a lash artist, attracting and retaining clients is crucial for the success of your business. One effective way to do this is through promotions and special offers.

Below is a month-by-month guide on how to boost your eyelash extension business with thoughtful promotions and tips on how to implement them.

Lash Artist's Guide: Promotions for Every Month of the Year


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New Year, New Lashes: Offer a discount on full sets for first-time clients to start the year fresh. Example: 20% off your first full set in January.

Referral Rewards: Encourage your current clients to refer friends with a referral program. Example: Both referrer and referee get 15% off their next service.

January Birthday Special: Give a special discount or a free add-on for clients with January birthdays. Example: 10% off any lash service for January birthdays.

Post-Holiday Relaxation Promo: After the busy holiday season, offer a discount on lash fills. Example: $10 off lash fills booked in January.

Loyalty Program Launch: Start a loyalty program and give extra points for services booked in January. Example: Double loyalty points for any service this month.

Winter Wonderland Discount: Themed promotions tied to winter. Example: "Beat the winter blues with 15% off volume lashes."

Social Media Check-in Offer: Encourage clients to check in or tag your business on social media for a discount. Example: 5% off your service when you check in or tag us on Instagram.

Pre-Valentine's Day Booking Deal: Offer a discount for early Valentine’s Day appointments booked in January. Example: Book your Valentine’s Day lashes in January and get a free lash bath.

New Year Resolution Special: Tailor a promotion towards self-care resolutions. Example: Commit to self-care with 20% off your first set of hybrid lashes.

January Flash Sales: Announce unexpected one-day-only deals throughout the month. Example: Follow me or us on social media to catch surprise 24-hour flash sales!

Bundle Deals: Offer discounts on service bundles. Example: Book a lash lift and tint together and save $15.

Student Discount: A special rate for students returning to school or college. Example: Students get 10% off any lash service with a valid ID.

First-Time Visitor Special: Attract new clients with a first-time visit offer. Example: First-time clients receive a complimentary lash care kit.

January Jumpstart Package: Create a package deal to kickstart the year. Example: Book a full set and two fills in January and receive 20% off the total package.



Valentine’s Day Special: Offer a discount on full lash sets to celebrate love. For example, "20% off all full sets booked for the week of Valentine's Day."

Bring a Friend Discount: Encourage clients to bring a friend and both receive a discount on their service. "Book a lash appointment with a friend and you both enjoy 15% off."

Lash Refill Deals: Provide a special price on lash refills booked in February. "Book your lash refill this month and save 10%."

First-Time Client Offer: Attract new clients with a first-time visit discount. "New client? Get $10 off your first set this February."

Loyalty Program Launch: Start a loyalty program and give extra points for any service booked in February. "Join the loyalty program this month and earn double points on any service."

Gift Card Promotion: Sell gift cards at a special rate, perfect for Valentine’s gifts. "Buy a $100 gift card for only $85 this month!"

Social Media Check-In Offer: Encourage clients to check in or tag your studio on social media for a discount. "Check in on Instagram during your appointment and receive 5% off your service."

Birthday Special: Offer a birthday discount for February babies. "Celebrate your February birthday with us and enjoy 20% off your lash service!"

Pre-booking Incentive: Give a discount to clients who book their next appointment during their February visit. "Pre-book your next appointment before leaving today and get 10% off your next visit."

Winter Refresh Discount: Promote a "Winter Refresh" discount on lash lifts for those not wanting full extensions. "Beat the winter blues with $15 off lash lifts all February long."



Spring Fling Discount: Celebrate the arrival of spring with a 15% discount on all full lash sets. Example: "Jump into spring with fresh lashes! Enjoy 15% off full sets all March."

St. Patrick's Day Special: Offer a one-day special on March 17th with 17% off for clients wearing green. Example: "Wear green and save 17% on your lash service this St. Patrick's Day!"

March Madness Referral Program: For every new client referred, offer the referrer a 20% discount on their next visit. Example: "Bring a friend this March and enjoy 20% off your next lash fill!"

Women’s History Month Tribute: Honor women by offering a discount to all first-time female clients. Example: "Celebrating Women’s History Month with 10% off for all new female clients."

Spring Break Ready Sets: Promote a special package for spring breakers, including a full set and a touch-up at a bundled price. Example: "Get spring break ready with a full set and touch-up bundle, specially priced for March."

Lash Loyalty Leap: Introduce a loyalty card in March, where after five fills, the sixth is 50% off. Example: "Leap into savings with the Lash Loyalty Card - your 6th fill is half off!"

Early Bird Special: Offer a discount for appointments booked before noon. Example: "Be an early bird! Book your lash appointment before noon and save 10%."

March Birthday Bash: Clients with March birthdays receive a special discount or free lash clean-up. Example: "March babies, celebrate your birthday with us and enjoy a special discount!"

Social Media Check-In Deal: Encourage clients to check in or tag your lash studio on social media for a discount on their service. Example: "Check in on Instagram or Facebook during your March visit and receive 5% off your service."

Pre-Summer Prep: Offer a deal on lash lifts and tints to prepare clients for the upcoming summer. Example: "Get summer-ready this March! Enjoy special pricing on all lash lifts and tints."



Spring Fling Discount: Offer a 10% discount on all full lash sets to celebrate the arrival of spring. Example: "Jump into spring with fresh lashes! Enjoy 10% off all full sets this April."

Earth Day Eco-Friendly Lash Special: In honor of Earth Day, promote eco-friendly lash extensions and products with a special discount. Example: "Celebrate Earth Day with us! Get 15% off on eco-friendly lash services and products all month long."

April Showers Bring May Flowers: Offer a free lash wash with every fill. Example: "Don’t let April showers dampen your day! Get a complimentary lash wash with every fill this month."

Tax Day Relief: Provide a stress-relieving discount on Tax Day, offering a special price reduction. Example: "Stressed about taxes? Relax with 20% off lash services on Tax Day."

Refer a Friend Spring Special: Encourage clients to bring a friend for a lash appointment and both receive a discount. Example: "Bring a friend for a lash session this April and you both enjoy 15% off your service!"

Spring Clean Your Lashes: Introduce a deep lash cleansing service with a special introductory price. Example: "Time for a spring clean! Try the new lash cleansing service for a special price of $25 in April."

Easter Weekend Offer: Run a special promotion over Easter weekend, such as a discount on lash fills. Example: "Celebrate Easter weekend with us and enjoy 20% off lash fills!"

April Birthday Special: Offer a birthday discount for clients with April birthdays. Example: "April babies, it’s your time to shine! Enjoy 25% off any lash service in your birthday month."

Spring Renewal Packages: Create package deals combining lash services with other treatments for a full spring renewal experience. Example: "Embrace spring renewal with our special package: a full set of lashes plus a brow tint for $120."

Loyal Client Appreciation: Reward loyal clients with an exclusive offer, such as a free mini fill after purchasing a certain number of fills. Example: "We love our loyal clients! After your 5th fill this April, enjoy a mini fill on us.



Mother's Day Makeover: Offer a special discount for mothers and daughters booking together. Example: "Book a lash set for you and your mom, and receive 20% off both services."

May Flowers, Beautiful Lashes: Inspired by the bloom of May flowers, offer a free lash wash with every full set. Example: "Celebrate May's blossoming beauty with every full set booked this month and receive a complimentary lash wash to keep those lashes fresh and fluttery."

Spring Fling Referral Program: Encourage clients to refer a friend with a spring-themed referral discount. Example: "Refer a friend this May, and both of you receive 15% off your next lash fill."

Teacher Appreciation Week: Offer discounts to teachers all month long. Example: "In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, all educators receive 25% off any lash service throughout May."

Pre-Summer Lash Prep: Discount on volume lash sets to get everyone summer-ready. Example: "Get your lashes summer-ready! Enjoy 10% off all volume lash sets this May."

May Birthday Bash: Special offers for May birthdays. Example: "Happy Birthday, May babies! Celebrate with 20% off your lash appointment this month."

Loyal Client Love: Extra points or discounts for repeat clients. Example: "The loyal clients deserve the best! Book any lash service in May and receive double loyalty points."

New Client Spring Special: Introductory offer for new clients. Example: "New client? Welcome with a 15% discount on your first lash set this May."

Spring Clean Your Lashes: Promotion on lash removal and new full sets. Example: "Time for a spring lash cleanse! Book a removal and new full set this month and receive 30% off the total."

Memorial Day Weekend Flash Sale: A weekend-specific promotion to kick off summer. Example: "Kickstart your summer beauty this Memorial Day weekend with 20% off all lash services booked for the holiday weekend.



June Welcome Summer Special: Offer a discount on full lash sets to kick off the summer season. Example: 20% off full volume lash sets to celebrate the start of summer.

June Referral Program: Encourage clients to refer a friend with a referral discount for both the referrer and the new client. Example: Both get 15% off their next service when a new client books a full set.

Pre-Summer Lash Prep Deal: Offer a package deal for lash lifts and tints, perfect for clients planning their summer vacations. Example: Bundle a lash lift and tint for a special price of $100.

Student Summer Break Discount: Provide special pricing for students to get their lashes done for summer. Example: Show your student ID and get 25% off any lash service.

Loyal Client Appreciation Offer: Thank your regular clients with a loyalty discount. Example: 10% off the next lash refill for clients who have visited more than 5 times this year.

Summer Wedding Special: Offer bridal and bridesmaids lash packages at a discount. Example: Book a bridal lash package and receive 20% off bridesmaid lash applications.

First-Time Client Discount: Attract new clients with a first-time booking offer. Example: First-time clients receive 30% off their first full lash set.

Social Media Check-in Promotion: Encourage clients to check in or tag your lash studio on social media for a discount on their next service. Example: Check in on Instagram and get 10% off your next refill.

June Birthday Special: Offer a birthday discount for clients with June birthdays. Example: June babies get a free lash tint with any full set application.

Summer Hydration Add-On: Provide a complimentary under-eye hydrating treatment with any lash service booked in June. Example: Book any lash service and receive a free under-eye gel treatment to combat dry summer skin.



Summer Splash Discount: Kick off summer with 15% off all full lash sets. Perfect for clients wanting to look their best for summer vacations.

Refer a Friend, Get a Free Fill: Encourage your clients to bring a friend in July, and they'll receive a complimentary lash fill session.

Midsummer Night's Lash: Offer a special evening discount for appointments booked after 5 PM. Example: 10% off for those sunset lash appointments.

July Lash Package Deals: Bundle lash fills with a lash care kit at a discounted rate. Great for clients looking to maintain their lashes during the hot summer months.

First-Time Client Special: New clients receive 20% off their first visit in July. A great way to attract new faces to your business.

Lash Lifts for Summer: Promote lash lifts at a special price, emphasizing their low maintenance for summer activities.

4th of July Flash Sale: Run a one-day sale offering a discount on all services booked on this day. Example: 15% off to celebrate.

Summer Loyalty Program: Introduce a loyalty card in July. After five fills, the sixth is 50% off, encouraging repeat visits.

Student Summer Break Discount: Offer students with valid ID a 20% discount on all services, recognizing their hard-earned break.

Birthday Bonus: Clients with July birthdays receive a 10% discount or a small lash care gift with their service.



Back to School/Work Special: Offer a discount on lash fills for clients getting ready to return to school or office routines. Example: 20% off fills.

End of Summer Sale: As summer winds down, offer a special package deal on lash services to close the season brightly.

August Appreciation Days: Select a week in August to appreciate clients with surprise discounts or upgrades on their bookings.

Pre-Fall Refresh: Promote a discounted lash removal and full set service, perfect for clients wanting to refresh their look for fall.

Late Summer Lash Party: Host a group discount event where clients can book appointments together for a fun, lash-filled day. Example: Groups of 3 or more get 15% off each.

Social Media Check-In Deal: Clients who check in or tag your lash business on social media receive a small discount or free lash wash.

August Advance Booking Offer: Encourage clients to book their September appointments in advance with a 10% discount.

Last-Minute Lash Fill Slots: Offer spontaneous discounts on any last-minute fill appointments available in August to keep your calendar full.

Teachers' Special: Recognize teachers returning to work with a special discount on all lash services. Example: 20% off to help them look and feel great for the new school year.

End-of-Summer Giveaway: Run a social media giveaway for a free lash set or fill, building excitement and engagement as August ends.



Back to School Special: Offer students and teachers 15% off any lash service to start the school year with confidence. Example: A high school teacher getting a fresh set of classic lashes for the new semester.

End of Summer Sale: Celebrate the end of summer with 10% off all volume lash sets. Example: A client getting volume lashes for one last summer party.

September Referral Program: Encourage clients to refer a friend and both receive 20% off their next service. Example: Two friends booking appointments together and enjoying discounted lash fills.

Lash Lift Loyalty Offer: Provide a free lash lift after every 5th lash lift service. Example: A regular client getting a complimentary lash lift as a loyalty reward.

Fall into Beauty Package: Bundle a lash lift and tint service for a special price. Example: Offering this combo at a discounted rate to showcase beautiful lashes without extensions.

Pre-Fall Refresh: 15% off lash removal and new set for those wanting to change their lash style. Example: A client switching from classic to volume lashes for a more dramatic fall look.

Happy Hour Discounts: Offer special pricing on lash services booked during certain hours. Example: 10% off any lash service booked between 1-4 PM on weekdays.

New Client September Special: First-time clients receive 20% off their first lash service. Example: A new client trying out lash extensions for the first time.

September Social Media Contest: Engage clients with a photo contest for the best lash selfie, with the winner receiving a free fill. Example: Clients posting their lash selfies on Instagram, tagging the lash business.

Birthday Bonus: Clients with September birthdays receive a 25% discount on any service. Example: A birthday celebrant treating themselves to a luxurious set of hybrid lashes.



Halloween Lash Bash: Offer themed lash extensions or colors for Halloween at a discount. Example: Adding a few purple or green lashes to a set for a subtle Halloween vibe.

October Loyalty Perk: Loyalty members get an extra 10% off their highest-priced lash service. Example: A loyal client getting an additional discount on their mega volume set.

Autumn Renewal: Promote a full set with a 10% discount as a seasonal refresh. Example: A client updating their look with a new full set of autumn-inspired lashes.

Cozy Fall Combo: Pair a lash service with a brow tint or wax for a bundled discount. Example: A bundled offer for a lash lift and brow wax to define the eyes and brows.

Friend Fest: Bring a friend and both receive a discount on your lash services. Example: Two friends coming in together for lash fills and enjoying a 15% discount.

Spooky Special: A week before Halloween, offer a special or 25% discount on dramatic or colored lashes. Example: Clients getting bold, dramatic lashes for their Halloween costumes.

October Referral Bonus: Increase your usual referral discount this month. Example: Offering a 25% referral discount to encourage more word-of-mouth bookings.

Fall Foliage Promotion: Name lash styles after fall themes and offer a discount on them. Example: "Autumn Whisper" volume lashes at a special rate.

Trick or Treat Gift: Small gifts or discounts hidden in “treat” envelopes for clients to pick at random after their service. Example: A client receiving a 15% off their next fill coupon from a treat envelope.



Thanksgiving Special: Offer a "Thankful for You" discount for all lash services the week before Thanksgiving. Example: 20% off all fills.

Black Friday Deals: Create exclusive Black Friday offers, such as buy one get one 50% off on lash sets. Example: Book a full set and get your next fill at half price.

November Loyalty Bonus: Reward loyal clients with a bonus service for appointments booked in November. Example: Free lash bath with every fill.

Pre-Holiday Refresh: Promote a special package to get clients holiday-ready. Example: Full set plus a free touch-up session before December.

Referral Rewards: Enhance your referral program by offering an extra incentive in November. Example: Refer a friend and both receive 25% off.

Fall Lash Makeover: Introduce a fall-themed lash style at a promotional price. Example: "Autumn Spice" lash style for a discounted rate.

Bundle Deals: Create service bundles for a reduced price. Example: Book 3 fills and get the 4th free.

First-Time Client Discount: Attract new clients with a first-time booking offer. Example: 20% off for all first-time clients in November.

Flash Sale Fridays: Each Friday, offer a flash sale on different services. Example: 30% off lash lifts every Friday.



Holiday Set Specials: Offer special holiday-themed lash sets at a promotional price. Example: "Winter Wonderland" lash set for a festive look.

12 Days of Lashmas: Run a promotion for the first 12 days of December, offering a different deal each day. Example: Day 1 - 10% off fills, Day 2 - free lash serum with any service.

New Year, New Lashes: Promote a discount on full sets to ring in the New Year. Example: Book a full set for New Year’s Eve and get 20% off.

Gift Card Bonus: Offer a bonus amount on gift card purchases. Example: Buy a $100 gift card, get an extra $20 on the card.

End-of-Year Appreciation: Thank your clients for their support with a special offer. Example: All services 15% off the last week of December.

Holiday Bundle Packages: Bundle services for holiday gifts at a special rate. Example: Full set and two fills package deal.

Social Media Contest: Run a contest on your social media for a free lash service. Example: Share a post and tag friends for a chance to win a free full set.

Client Christmas Party: Host a small event for clients with special deals available only during the event. Example: 20 % discount on all services booked during the party.

After-Holiday Relaxation Promo: Offer a post-holiday relaxation package. Example: Book a full set in the first week of January and receive a complimentary under-eye treatment.


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Offering discounts is a common practice to draw in new clients and keep existing ones coming back. However, it’s important to strike the right balance to ensure that your promotions boost business without undermining your profits or the perceived value of your services.

In this section, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of offering lash extension discounts to help you build your clientele while maintaining a thriving business.

Monthly Lash Extension Deals

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The Do’s of Lash Extension Discounts:

  1. Do Offer First-Time Client Discounts:

Encourage new clients to try your services by providing a first-time client discount. This could be a percentage off their first service or a fixed amount discount. Make sure the discount is enticing enough to grab attention but not so deep that it undervalues your work.

  1. Do Create Bundle Deals:

Offer package deals for multiple sessions, such as ‘Buy 3 lash fills, get 1 free.’ This encourages repeat business and ensures that clients return to your salon for their lash maintenance.

  1. Do Utilize Seasonal Promotions:

Align your discounts with seasons or holidays. For example, offer a ‘Spring Fling’ discount in March or an ‘Autumn Glam’ special in September. This creates urgency and taps into the client’s desire to look their best for specific occasions or seasons.

  1. Do Implement a Loyalty Program:

A loyalty program rewards repeat clients, creating an incentive for clients to keep coming back. For every service they book, clients could earn points that they can redeem for discounts on future services or free add-ons.

  1. Do Promote Referral Discounts:

Encourage your current clients to refer friends and family by offering a referral discount. Both the existing client and the new client could receive a percentage off their next service, fostering a community of satisfied clients who promote your business.


The Don’ts of Lash Extension Discounts:

  1. Don’t Undercut Your Value:

Avoid offering excessively deep discounts. This could lead clients to question the quality of your work or expect low prices all the time, making it difficult to charge full price later.


  1. Don’t Run Promotions Constantly:

Frequent discounts can create an expectation for reduced prices, undermining the perceived value of your services. Run promotions strategically and sparingly to maintain the allure of a special offer.


  1. Don’t Forget to Set Terms and Conditions:

Clearly outline the terms and conditions of your promotions to avoid misunderstandings. Specify the validity period of the discount, any services excluded from the promotion, and any other relevant details.


  1. Don’t Overlook Your Existing Clients:

While attracting new clients is essential, don’t forget to show appreciation to your existing clientele. Offer loyalty discounts or exclusive promotions to thank them for their continued support.


  1. Don’t Neglect Your Online Presence:

Use your website and social media channels to promote your discounts. Ensure your messaging is clear, appealing, and targets the right audience.


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Promotions are a great way to attract new clients, retain existing ones, and boost business throughout the year. Tailoring your promotions to the season or specific holidays makes them more relevant and enticing. Remember to clearly communicate the terms and conditions of each promotion to avoid any misunderstandings. With thoughtful planning and execution, these promotions will help to enhance your eyelash extension business and keep your appointment book full year-round.


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