6 Lash Extension Hacks you Need in your Life

We all been there as a newbie, and like anyone of you, I became clueless too with so many things. All throughout the years, I have so many things that I tried and tested that works with me well. I got some lash techniques advise from other lash artists, some from watching YouTube videos about about eyelash extensions, but most of it are the ones that I tried on my own. I made this list of the things that I think would be beneficial for you and might help you with your lash journey. 

These are the things that works well for you and might be helpful and hopefully you can try it on and let me know what you think. 


1. How To Store Your Lash Adhesive

Store it in a vault, that will protect it from humidity after you open it. Before opening you can store it in the fridge for 6 months. 

This item is a storage box that is designed for eyelash adhesive. Made by premium material, durable for long time use. Keep fresh, reduce the curing condition of glue, effectively improve the storage time of the eyelash extension glue.


2. Always Burp Your Adhesive

Always burp your adhesive in order to ensure that your adhesive lasts for as long as possible (normally 4 weeks). If you do not burp the adhesive the air will actually get into the adhesive and make it less effective much faster.


3. Lash Retention Issues

lash extensions

Humidity: The lash glue performs ideally in a humidity range of 40-60%. Get a hydrometer to keep your lash room humidity under control. This tool is a must, and inexpensive to purchase. For more information, check out this article for tips on maintaining the perfect eyelash humidity in your work space. 

Dehumidifier: If your room is too moist, you will need to use a dehumidifier to keep your work environment moisture controlled.

Temperature: 72-77 degrees F is where you want to be at! Make sure your temperature is in the correct range so your glue stays consistent.

Glue: Make sure to shake your glue thoroughly. If your glue sits for too long, the compounds can separate. You must shake for about 30-60 seconds to remix everything properly.

Clean Lashes: The natural lashes need to be squeaky clean. Removal of natural oils and debris is a must for proper adhesion. A primer can really help with this step.

Adhesive Use: Don’t use too much adhesive. This can cause damage to the natural lashes, but using too little adhesive will make it so the lash extensions pop right off. It’s definitely a balance, and it needs to be just right!


4. How To Hold Your Eyelash Tweezers?

lash extension tweezers

As you guys guessed the "ergonomically" correct. Way to hold your tweezers is the method on the right.

This method allows your wrist to be at a natural position that prevents fatigue and injury, as well as gives you even tension on the tweezer for gripping the lash/fan.

If you are someone who holds their tweezer like a pencil, and finds holding it the other way awkward keep practicing DAILY to correct it. I promise it feels more natural and you'll improve your speed daily , and will prevent this awful condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. 


5. Shake Your Lash Adhesive

Always in order to ensure that your clients get the best retention.

best eyelash extension glue

Lash retention is such a complex subject we could really talk about at length for hours.

If I can give you guys one tip. That may help, or may NOT help, if there are other factors that need to be fixed.

If your adhesive is not properly mixed, it will look like the first drop in the photo. It will appear as if it has condensation. I recommend having a glue shaker on hand, it will help with that hand fatigue and do the job much more efficiently.

lash glue shaker


6. How To Isolate?

how to properly isolate the lash

Double-handed isolation technique. You can use both of your hands to isolate lashes, this is one of the easiest ways to work on your clients lashes. You can help yourself with the second hand to isolate, until you feel confident using only one hand.

The single handed isolation technique is when you use only one hand to isolate

To help with isolation, you can isolate the lashes vertically by using tape or patches in other to help visualize the lash layers and be able to lash every lash.


Let me know what you think of all these hacks and if there's any of these that you have tried or you wanted to add more. Please let me know on the comment section. 

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