Quick Tips For Squirrel Lash Mapping

So you want to be a lash technician, do you? You're not alone. The beauty industry is booming, and there are so many different ways to get involved in it. Eyelash extensions are one of the most well-liked beauty treatments, with lash bars popping up everywhere and lash artists becoming Instagram stars overnight. Remembering a few things might be beneficial before you start building your clientele and earning money from your passion. And we're here to help!

There's a lot of hype around lash extensions these days, but we'll let you in on a little secret: squirrel lash mapping are one the best way to go.

Quick Tips For Squirrel Lash Mapping

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The squirrel lash style is a dream lash look that holds a lot of women's yearning. It's no wonder; your client's eyes will steal attention because they add volume to the natural eyelashes.

Squirrel lash mapping is a technique that's gaining popularity among lash artists and clients. It's the process of mapping out and applying different lengths where your client's natural lashes are so that you can create a more natural-looking lash extension application.


When working on a lash extension, having a map is vital. A lash map is a guide that shows where each lash will go and how long it should be. The map also allows you to check the symmetry of your set, which is crucial for creating beautiful results.

If you've never done squirrel lash mapping before, it can be a little tricky at first. However, it's simple once you figure it out!

If you, too, have a client asking for the "Squirrel Lash Look," here are quick tips for you to tickle your way to that prized look, but first, let's get to know this lash style.



Depending on the client's desired density, the style can be created using the volume or classic eyelash extension technique. Each natural lash has one extension when using classic techniques. The volume technique applies more than one extension to each natural lash (lash fan).

Ideal for eyes that are close-set, round, hooded, downturned, bulging, or almond-shaped. The longest lash length will be at the arch of the eyebrows.

Squirrel style lashes



This look is achieved by starting with short lashes and gradually getting longer, with the halfway point having the longest length, increasing and then decreasing sharply toward the outer corner.

Squirrel lashes are a great way to create a look that is both bold and sexy.

A lash artist uses a minimum of four lengths of eyelash extensions to achieve the desired lash look.


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Close-set of eyes

High brow arch

Outer corner lashes growing downwards

Kitten Lash Map

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In contrast to doll or cat style, a squirrel-style lash map follows the brow arch and is relatively close to the growth of the natural lashes, making it a universal lash map that will work for most clients.

Achieving the best squirrel eyelash extension effect isn't about making each set look identical to the last. It's about tailoring each set to suit the individual client. This is where lash maps come in!

Lash curls C, D, CC, and DD, are the best suit for squirrel lashes.


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 So, how do you achieve the best squirrel lashes effect?

The answer lies in lash maps!

It cannot be easy to ensure every set is perfect if you don't have a map for each client. I know this from someone's experience…

Imagine your first ever eyelash extension course didn't teach you how to use a map (or any other technique for that matter) and when your first client came in for her appointment, and you will be stumped as to what to do! You will feel like it was such a shame because your client had beautiful lashes already - but you couldn't get them right on her left eye as they were longer than they should have been!



Use an eyeliner with the client's eye. When they close their eyes, you will know. Exactly where to put the lengths on the patches.

What are squirrel lashes

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Here's a mapping to help you!

Mark the inner and outer lashes first, then put a mark in the eye's center. The shortest length is 7 mm long, and the longest can be 12 mm. The choice of eyelash extension length is the first step in the process. They must match the client's natural eyelashes in length, thickness, and placement.

Squirrel lash mapping

The longest lashes are put under the brow arch for a natural-looking squirrel-style lash effect. That will also make up the majority of the mapping. It is essential to transition smoothly from one length to another so the eyes can expand visually.

We have an entire ONLINE course on mapping, where we teach you this in-depth. If you are interested in that course, here is the link Lash Mapping Online Course.


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Creating a lash map can achieve the best squirrel eyelash extension effect.

Considering the hype around giant eyelash extensions, it's no surprise that clients want a way to achieve that look without going through the trouble and money. One of the best ways to get the ultimate volume, length, and thickness or natural looking style (depending on your mapping) is to go with the squirrel lash look instead.

In summary, a few tips and strategies can make your squirrel lash mapping more effective. Considering all of these suggestions and practicing them with diligence and patience, it won't be long before you're a pro at squirrel lash mapping with no trouble.



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