Seasonal Specials: Creating Christmas Deals for Lash Services

Creating appealing holiday promotions for your lash services can be a fantastic way to attract new clients and delight regulars. Here's a step-by-step guide to crafting lash promotions that shine as bright as the Christmas lights.

Seasonal Specials Creating Christmas Deals for Lash Services

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Offer a Festive Discount

Who doesn't love a good deal? Offer a straightforward discount on your most popular lash services. For example, a "20% off for the Holidays" can be a simple yet effective promotion. Ensure it's easy to understand and redeem.


Bundle for Joy

Create holiday-themed packages that bundle together services at a reduced rate. For example, combine a full set of lashes with a refill session and call it the "Merry Lash Bundle." This provides more value to your clients and increases your sales.


Gift Card Galore

Encourage clients to give the gift of beautiful lashes by selling gift cards. Maybe add a bonus — "Buy a $100 gift card, get a $20 card free" — to incentivize purchases. It's a win-win; clients get more for their money, and you secure two potential visits to your salon.


Social Media Countdown

Utilize social media to create a countdown to Christmas with daily lash tips, deals, or flash sales. This keeps clients engaged and looking forward to what's coming next. For example, "12 Days of Lashmas" can offer a different promotion each day leading up to the holiday.


Refer a Friend Reward

Encourage clients to bring a friend with a referral program. Offer a discount or a small free service to clients who refer someone who books a session. Word-of-mouth is powerful, and a personal recommendation comes with built-in trust.


Festive Flash Sales

Surprise clients with flash sales that last for a limited time. Announce a "Happy Hour Sale" where clients can book services at a discount if they schedule within a specific time frame. The urgency can drive bookings.


Showcase Your Work

Nothing speaks louder than results. Post before-and-after photos of your lash work, especially holiday-themed styles. When potential clients see the transformation, they'll be more likely to book an appointment.


Partner Up

Team up with local businesses for cross-promotions. Offer a discount to clients who show a receipt from a partner business, like a nearby cafe or boutique. It's community building and promotes local spending.


Email Exclusives

Send out an email newsletter with exclusive deals to your subscribers. It's a direct way to reach your clientele, and you can offer special deals just for them.


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The holidays are upon us, and it's the season to sparkle – not just for festive decorations but also for your business promotions. As a lash artist, you're considering what discount to offer your clients this Christmas. Here's the simple truth: the ideal discount strikes a balance between attracting clients and maintaining your profit.

christmas lash promotion ideas

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The Magic Number

A good discount for holiday promotions usually sits between 15% and 25%. This range is sweet enough to catch the eye of potential clients but doesn't cut too close to your bottom line.


Why 15-25%?

  • 15% is just enough to nudge a client who's considering lashes to take the leap.
  • 20% is a solid, round number that's perceived as a substantial deal, often used for more premium services.
  • 25% is generous and can be the push for new clients to try your services and for regulars to indulge more.


The Value Perspective

Instead of just slashing prices, add value. Offer a 20% discount on a new set of lashes and throw in a small gift, like a lash foam shampoo. It feels more like a holiday treat rather than just a price cut.


Timing is Everything

Consider offering your promotional discount during specific times to manage your bookings better. For instance, a 20% off deal for appointments booked before noon can help fill slower morning slots.


Special Touches

Remember, it's not always about the percentage. Personal touches count. Personalized emails with a 15% discount code can make clients feel special and more inclined to book.

Keep It Simple

Whatever discount you decide on, make sure it’s easy to understand and apply. Complex conditions can turn clients away.


Monitor and Adjust

Start with a discount you're comfortable with, and be prepared to adjust if the response isn't what you expected. Flexibility is key.

PRO TIP: A discount between 15% and 25% is a good range to consider for your Christmas lash promotion. It's enticing for clients and sensible for your business. Pair your discount with added value or strategic timing to maximize its impact. 


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Remember, the key to successful holiday promotions is clarity. Keep the offers simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. No need for flowery language; let the deals speak for themselves. The goal is to spread holiday cheer while boosting your business — and with these promotional ideas, you're well on your way to a festive and fruitful season.


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