Pre-made Lash Fans are made by a machine. They are either heat-bonded or glued at the base with a tiny amount of lash adhesive. Similar to individual lash extensions, the finished result is packaged in a tray and attached to an adhesive strip.

Pre-made fans are created in the same way that handmade volume lashes are, with the exception that a machine is used to assist in the process.

On a lash tray, a row of thin PBT threads is typically laid, with the roots (bases) either heat-bonded or bonded with a tiny amount of glue. 



To begin, decide on the look you want to achieve using pre-made lash fans.

Whether you want fluffy lashes or a more defined eyeliner volume effect, there are a variety of pre-made fans to help you achieve your desired look.

  • For a very natural volume lash style: 2D, 3D (long stem fans)
  • For a hybrid look style : use 3D-5D in combination with some classic lashes, this will give a little mix of classic and volume resulting in a nice natural look.
  • For a dramatic mega volume lash style: 10D, 15D (Medium-stem fans)
  • For a Wispy look lash style: 5D (mixed length fans) in combination with lash wisps
  • For a fluffy but natural volume lash style: 4D, 5D, 6D (Long stem fans)
  • For a eyeliner effect volume lash style: 3D, 5D (long-stem fans)



Advantages of using premade volume lash fans:

  1. Premade lash fans help you save time when applying your lashes.
  2. A high client turnover rate means more bookings each day.
  3. Most pre-made fans are lined up on a sticky strip, making it easy to grab them and apply to clients natural lashes.
  4. Clients love a fast service, they value their time and greatly appreciate a faster service as long as the quality is not compromised.
  5. There's no need for lash volume training.
  6. When compared to the classic set, the volume set provides a higher gross profit.


Disadvantages of using pre-made volume lash fans:

  1. Less adjustable than a handmade lash fan.
  2. The style is not as customizable for each client
  3. A tray of pre-made fans is more expensive than a tray of pro made (made by lash artist) lash fans. Keep in mind that Pro-made fans that are for sale are more expensive then pre-made fans.
  4. Lash retention may be less than that of a handmade fan, but this is quite debatable, a lot depends on the skill of the lash artist and the quality of the pre-made fans used. The medium and long stem base pre-made fans tend to have very good retention.

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