Cashmere Noir Easy Fan Collection
Easy Fan Lashes
Eyelash Extensions Easy Fan
Volume Easy Fan Lash Extensions
Cashmere Noir Easy Fan Collection
Easy Fan Lashes
Eyelash Extensions Easy Fan
Volume Easy Fan Lash Extensions


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specially designed for any lash tech looking to reduce the time during a custom volume set

Easy Fan Lashes (Mix Length)



Thousandlashes Easy Fan Lashes are nicely spread on the stripe which helps to make lash fans faster. The unique sticky lash strip will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base, allowing the artist to create the perfect custom fan within a couple of seconds.

These are (easy fanning) lashes, which are created with a new technology, where they are treated in a special way, that allows for them to be attached at the base. . This makes it much easier for beginner lash artists to pick up the lashes and they will fan out on their own, like magic.

They are also called 1-second blooming lashes, and the popular speaking is that the fan opens up in one second. You can make the fans from 2D - 10D easily without any professional volume training, even as a beginner lash artist.

We all know how difficult and time-consuming mastering the volume technique is and can be very frustrating. Whether struggling to build your own fans or you are a master and simply want to save time building your own but don’t want to use pre-made fans, this easy fan volume lashes are a great choice.


  • Natural Matte
  • Ultra Dark Black
  • C, D curls are available 
  • Diameters – 0.03, 0.05 mm
  • Six row
  • Length Mix 10mm – 15 mm
  • Stable Curl – the curl does not change or flatten with time
  • Foil back for easy removal
  • The lash base is thin, NEVER square or bulky
  • Making the volume lashes easier, save you a lot of time
  • High-quality black PBT silk material
  • Cashmere Noir Collection


*DO NOT use glue aid with easy fans as it will dissolve the light adhesive strip that holds the lashes together and allows for easy fanning 


For more information on how to determine which curl to use, please click here.



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