Allergic Reaction To Eyelash Extensions

How do you treat an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions? Irritated eyes after eyelash extensions? No matter how careful we are, this thing happens. You might wonder even to the clients you’ve been servicing for years. Eyelash extensions can cause allergic reactions comparable to other contact allergies, commonly known as contact dermatitis.

Allergic Reaction To Eyelash Extensions



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When a client has an adverse response to their eyelash extension adhesive, swelling and itching of the eyelids are common. They normally appear within 72 hours of a lash service being completed.

Reactions to eyelash extensions are rare reactions to the lashes themselves. Rather, reactions occur when the adhesive is uncured, developing in response to either the carbon black used to pigment the adhesive.

How to prevent an allergic reaction? I would say less is more. Begin with a little amount of glue and gradually increase as needed. Make sure you're not getting too close to the lash line with each lash, a distance of at least 1mm is a recommended rule.


A client with allergic blepharitis may have the following symptoms:

  • swelling
  • breaking
  • discomfort
  • skin irritation
  • itching

    Both eyelids may be affected by the allergic reaction, but one of them may be more affected. It can happen immediately after the eyelashes are applied, or it can take several hours or days.


    Allergic reactions in the eyes can cause various symptoms, such as:

    • redness
    • irritation
    • itchiness
    • watery eyes



    A client may be able to treat the symptoms at home in the case of a moderate reaction. They might want to consider:

    • drops for the eyes
    • ice packs
    • cream or ointment containing hydrocortisone
    • antihistamines

    If the eyes are itching, it's also crucial to avoid the urge to rub them. If the symptoms are severe, a client should seek medical help. A doctor can determine the severity of the response and prescribe appropriate medication.


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