Challenging Journey to Volume Lashes

I have been trained to do classic lashes and my clients love it. However, there’s this feeling wanting to do more. I have decided to offer volume lashes, but this does not come so easily. I need another set of training for this new skill set.

Volume lashes look so fuller and gorgeous looking and most of my clients are requesting it, so I thought why not offer it and thinking it will surely be profitable, and it sure does.

Doing volume lashes set is not so easy to do, but with the right technique, it will surely look perfect. I will be discussing some of the challenges that I have encountered while doing volume lash<spanclass="seo-hd">s sets.

There’s a lot of technique you can and might be taught on training, but make sure to focus on 1 technique and master it, make yourself comfortable in using that technique.

Tweezers Concern

You are trying your best but your tweezers just won’t cooperate. Relax dear! We all been there, you might not found the right tweezers for you.

Take your time to find the

tweezers that suit your hands. Make sure to check your tweezers every after the session to ensure that there’s no glue left on your tweezers.

Fan Issue

You got a good fan, but it closed directly after placing it to the natural lash. Do it more slowly and control that your glue started to polymerize. Or if you have to do it too long, then you should speed up polymerization, so choose faster glue, turn on a humidifier.

Also, this problem may arise because you dip your fan base into the adhesive too far, remember that 1⁄2 mm of glue at the very bottom of the fan is enough.

Volume Certification

I am highly recommending to have yourself certified to do volume lash. You don’t want to just do volume lash set and if something happens, your reputation will be ruin for doing this. This is another investment that will surely be profitable for you and your business.

Keep practicing to my lash sisters and keep developing new skill sets that you can offer to your clients. Good luck!

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