Different Types Of Eyelash Tweezers And Their Uses

What eyelash tweezers do I need? What are curved tweezers for? Which tweezers are best for volume lashes? What are the best tweezers to use for eyelash extensions?

Different Types of Eyelash Tweezers and Their Uses


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In this blog, let me discuss the types of eyelash extension tweezers, how to choose the best tweezers for lash extensions, the importance of weight, grip, and how to make your lash tweezers last.



Each tip of tweezers is what distinguishes them. They are important because they are used during the application process to pick, select, and separate eyelashes.

There are various types of tweezer tips; curved, straight, and L-shaped.



These tweezers are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Straight eyelash tweezers are long and skinny, with a tapered point at the end.

Straight Isolation Tweezer

Straight Isolation Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.


These straight lash tweezers are designed for easily picking up eyelash extensions. Don't worry about dropping your lashes, either the tips of this tweezer are perfectly aligned to ensure the tightest grip possible.



These tweezers let you isolate the natural lashes of your clients.  Use the second tweezer to properly put the extensions to your clients while using this tweezer in your other hand.

Isolation 45º Tweezer

Isolation 45º Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.


An isolation tweezer's lower half features a little twist. Closer to the client's eyelid, this curve allows for ideal isolation.



These curved eyelash tweezers are your go-to tool for creating an eye-catching volume lash look. These tweezers have a more steady curve to the tip, mimicking the letter J, and are also known as the J tweezers.

Dolphin-Shaped Curved Tweezer

Dolphin-Shaped Curved Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.



The tip of the volume eyelash tweezers has a sharp curve that mimics the letter L. As a result, these tweezers are also referred to as L shaped tweezers.

L Shape Tweezer

L Shape Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.


You can easily control the volume fans you create with a pair of volume lash tweezers. This makes creating one-of-a-kind and fabulous lashes super easy.



When it comes to selecting the best pair of lash tweezers there are a few factors to consider. 

Best tweezers for eyelash extensions: How to choose?

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For Classic Lashes

Straight eyelash tweezers are the most common to be used for classic lash extensions. The fine point tip is perfect for isolating and popping off grown-out lashes.

For Volume Lashes

L shaped tweezers are important when making handmade volume fans, picking them up and attaching them.

For Fans

Tweezers with curved ends can be used to make lash fans, as well as to pick up and attach them.

Different types of eyelash tweezers

Straight Isolation Tweezer, L Shape Tweezer and Oblong Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.


For Isolating Lashes

During this process, you will need to do more grip and un-grip maneuvers. This can quickly tire your hand, so isolation tweezers should be lightweight and have a low grip tension. We highly recommend you use the Isolation 45º Lash Tweezer.



Many lash artists overlook this aspect when selecting tweezers. Moreover, this can have a major impact on the health of your finger joints, wrist, and overall postural control.

So remember to select a pair of tweezers with the proper grip and weight for your hand. There is no one tweezer that can do all the work
so choose a pair that feels well in your hands and is good for your preferred technique.

Weight and grip of lash tweezers: Why if it important?

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Here are some helpful tips for you to do on how to make your eyelash tweezers lash as much as possible.

How to make your lash tweezers last longer?

Straight Isolation Tweezer and Precision Volume 90º Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.


TIP #1

Clean any glue from your tweezers. Lash glue on the tweezers can cause an imbalance in the weight distribution and damage them. To remove the stain, use a tweezer cleaner or lash remover.

TIP #2

Use different tweezers for thin and thicker extensions. Because tweezing thicker lashes necessitates less tweezing tension, your tweezers will eventually get too loose to pick up thinner lashes.

TIP #3

Tweezers are quickly ruined if they slip or fall. If you aren't using them make sure to set them on a non-slip surface, such as a silicone pad, rather than on the lash bed or lash lash pillow.

TIP #4

Lastly, store the tweezers in the enclosed tweezer case or tweezer stand.



There are various tweezers available today so you must purchase the correct pair for yourself and for the technique you prefer! When it comes to eyelash tweezers, remember that quality always matters.


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