Eyelash Extensions: How To Become A Favorite Client

When it comes to beauty treatments, eyelash extensions have become a go-to option for individuals seeking a fuller, more defined lash line without the need for daily mascara application.

As a lash artist, creating a stunning set of lashes requires precision, skill, and a strong partnership between artist and client. In this blog post, we'll explore essential tips on how to become your lash artist's favorite client, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both parties.

Eyelash Extensions How To Become A Favorite Client


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For this blog, I would like to share some of the characteristics of my clients that, for sure most of you can relate with.

These are the clients that we wanted to give the best client award (just kidding). Let’s go through the list, shall we? This blog is for humor purposes only. Let’s not get too serious with life.

Setting Your Eyelash Extension Prices

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Communicate Clearly

  • Express Your Expectations: Before the session begins, have a clear idea of the look you desire. Share inspirational photos and communicate your expectations with your lash artist.

  • Discuss Any Allergies or Sensitivities: Ensure your safety by informing your lash artist about any allergies or sensitivities you might have.


Arrive With a Clean Slate

  • Remove All Eye Makeup: Arriving with a clean face, especially around the eye area, allows the lash artist to start the application process immediately, ensuring better adherence of the extensions.

  • Avoid Caffeine Before Your Appointment: Caffeine can make your eyelids twitch, making it difficult for the artist to apply the extensions accurately.


Practice Good Hygiene

  • Shower Before Your Appointment: As you’ll need to avoid water around the eyes for the first 24 hours post-application, taking a shower beforehand is advisable.

  • Avoid Strong Fragrances: Some artists may be sensitive to strong scents, so it’s considerate to avoid wearing heavily perfumed products.

Be On Time

  • Respect the Artist’s Schedule: Arriving on time shows that you respect the artist’s schedule and ensures that you receive the full allotted time for your appointment.


Take Care of Your Lashes

    • Follow Aftercare Instructions: Proper aftercare not only prolongs the life of your lash extensions but also shows your lash artist that you value and appreciate their work.

    • Book Regular Refills: Maintain your lash extensions by scheduling regular refill appointments.


    Be Honest and Provide Feedback

    • Share Your Thoughts Post-Application: If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your lash extensions, communicate this to your lash artist in a constructive manner. They appreciate the opportunity to correct any issues and ensure your satisfaction.

    • Positive Reinforcement: When you love your lashes, don’t hesitate to express your gratitude. Positive feedback and referrals are invaluable to a lash artist.


    Show Appreciation

    • Tip Generously: If you’re pleased with the service, show your appreciation through a generous tip.

    • Refer Friends: Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the beauty industry. Referring friends to your lash artist is a fantastic way to show your support.




    1. Start the conversation with “price” or negotiating in the first two sentences.
    2. Be sure to ask about the silk and mink.
    3. Make an appointment for 8 am, then change the appointment to three, but finally, do not show up, and don’t pick up the phone.
    4. You come 40 minutes early the scheduled time to make chit-chat.
    5. Come with the girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/child/dog/squad.
    6. Drunk, and it looks like you wanted to invite your lash artist for more drinks.
    7. Sick to the highest level.
    8. Keep asking how much longer throughout the procedure, and then sigh very loudly.
    9. Answer your phone during the procedure and constantly ask the lash artist to check who calls or texts you.
    10. After two days, call the lash artist that you have lost three eyelashes and are now going utterly bald on your lashes.
    11. After 1.5 months, you realize that you desperately need new lashes tomorrow and start calling to schedule an emergency fill. The best time to call is in the afternoon. At this time, your lash artist is in the best mood to speak with her favorite clients.

    Consistent Lash Content

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      Going to an appointment with your favorite lash stylist can be a major treat. But being one of their favorite clients is a whole different story.

      What’s so cool about being the favorite client? You can be sure that you will always receive the best service possible, get a particular treatment, and maybe even a discount.



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