How To Apply Lash Patches

How do you apply eye patches for eyelash extensions? How do you put on lash pads and tape? In this blog, let me give you some tips on how to apply lash patches.

Lash patches are a great way to help keep the lashes in place. If a client is new, it can help them relax and stay comfortable during the process. It also helps to prevent any potential damage to their natural lashes during the application process.

How To Apply Lash Patches

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Under-eye patches are essential for covering the lower lashes during an eyelash extension application. Choosing the right kind of eye patch is also essential for a relaxing and safe application for the client.

Before we go to the steps, let me show you the difference under eye pads you can use depending on the client's shape:


Scalloped Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches

We've made the most comfortable under-eye pads, ever! These gel patches have a unique shape that enables better positioning to fit the shape of each client's under eye area, plus they offer a soothing feeling.

Scalloped Hydro-gel Eye Gel Patch for Eyelash Extensions



Lovely Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches

These under eye pads provides maximum comfort for your client during a lash application. The thin and flexible nature of the patch allows for an easy application and comfortable fit under the eye area.

Lovely Hydro-gel Eye Gel Patch for Eyelash Extensions


Capricious Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches

Its ergonomic shape is specifically designed to fit most eye shapes. It calms the skin, making it feel at ease and comfortable throughout the eyelash application process.

Capricious Hydro-gel Eye Gel Patch for Eyelash Extensions


Bella Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches

These easy-on, easy-off hydrogel under eye patches are made to hold the lower lashes in place during a lash application, and keep them in place. We ensure that these eye pads won't slide or slip once they're on your client's skin. Easy removal goes hand in hand with a simple application. It has cuts at the edges to allow maximum repositioning.

Bella Hydro-gel Eye Gel Patch for Eyelash Extensions

Pinkish Curve Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches

Having the under eye pads in a soothing pink color is not the only reason why many clients love this! This under-eye pad doesn't move while applying lash extensions. It's made of an incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, hydrogel that adheres to the skin and doesn't slide off while applying lash extensions.

Pinkish Curve Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches

Easygoing Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches

We've designed these black gel pads just for lash clients with blonde or white natural lashes to work best since they offer a dark background on which those lighter lashes can show. They adhere firmly to the skin, come off easily after being applied and help moisturize and tighten the area around the eyes.

Easygoing Hydro-gel Eye Gel Patch for Eyelash Extensions


One of the keys to a flawless lash extension application is the proper placement of under-eye patches. You can improve the separation procedure and apply suitable extensions by securing the lower lashes, which will help you make the application smoother and faster.

Sometimes, it’s a bit tricky to apply lash patches. I hope these simple tips will help you with this.


Keep it straight

Make sure your clients look straight up as you tape and make sure that they don’t talk during the process. This will keep any extra lashes from popping up!

 eyelash extension pads for sensitive eyes

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how to apply lash patches

Pinkish Curve Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches and Eyelash Extension Ballet Slippers Tape are used in this set. To shop, please click here.



One of the most difficult things to balance is getting the lashes to stay down while not getting too close to the client’s eyes.

You want to keep the gel pads at least 2-3 mm, away from the client’s waterline.

Why do lash techs use eye pads

 Pinkish Curve Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches and Eyelash Extension Ballet Slippers Tape are used in this set. To shop, please click here.



When the client closes their eyes, ask them if they feel any pinching or discomfort. Then gently pull the tape or pads to readjust whole their eyes are closed.

 eyelash pads for extensions

Pinkish Curve Hydro-Gel Under Eye Patches and Eyelash Extension Ballet Slippers Tape are used in this set. To shop, please click here.


To learn more about eyelash patches, please click here.



While it may take a little extra time to make sure lash patches are applied properly, it makes for better results in the end. This can be one of the most important things you do as a lash artist. By doing this, you can offer your clients the best possible experience when they come in for lash extensions.



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