How To Choose The Right Eyelash Extension Glue

What is the best lash extension glue for beginners? What glue do lash techs use? What is the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes?

How to choose the right eyelash extension glue?


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Nowadays, we want an eyelash extension glue that is suitable for all types of clients. However, no single lash adhesive can meet all of a client's needs. 


Given the huge amount of eyelash glues available on the market today, it might be difficult to choose the right one, especially if you are new to the lash game. When trying out different lash extension adhesives, the trial and error process might be costly.


In this blog, let me give you some tips and factors you need to know when searching for the right and best lash glue for extensions.



Your client's health is of the utmost importance to you. It's unavoidable to have a client who is extremely sensitive to fumes and has an allergic reaction to a lash glue. To avoid irritation, a latex-free glue is recommended. 


The best lash extension glue for clients with sensitive eyes:

Ultra Crystal Clear Bond

This eyelash adhesive provides flexibility, long-lasting retention, and a clear base onto the lashes. It does not have the carbon black present in most black adhesives making it a great alternative for sensitive clients. When you use this clear lash adhesive, the lashes will never fall off before they are ready to shed! Great to use for oily clients since it is oil resistant or if you struggle a lot with retention.

Best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes

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The appropriate drying speed of the eyelash glue is proportional to the speed with which your hands move. If you're new to lash application, choose a glue that gives you the flexibility you need to get the lash in place quickly.


NOTE: If you are too slow, the quick-drying glue will dry before you can attach the extensions to the lashes. The eyelashes, on the other hand, will stick together if the adhesive dries too slowly. Choose a glue that takes longer to dry. If you've mastered the technique, you can choose a faster drying time.


Eyelash Extension Glue Recommendation For You:


For beginner lash artists

Elite High Humidity Adhesive

This lash adhesive has a flexible component to increase the bond strength, very smooth and easy to use. Drying time 2 sec. Your clients will feel like they are really getting the best lashes when their retention is lasting 6 – 7 weeks when you use this adhesive. Elite is one of our best adhesives for high humidity. A great choice if you need a slower drying lash adhesive.

Best eyelash glue for beginners

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For intermediate lash artists

Velour Lash Adhesive

This eyelash glue is specially formulated for easy application and provides a super strong hold for maximum retention of eyelash extensions. Drying time 0.5 sec. Great to use for oily clients and those with an active lifestyle since this lash adhesive is oil and water-resistant or if you struggle a lot with retention. This is our favorite adhesive for a wide range of humidities.

Best eyelash glue for extensions

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It is critical to pay attention to the importance of your lash studio, as these factors have a direct impact on the glue's performance. The active ingredient in all adhesives that hold the extensions together is cyanoacrylate. Moisture, particularly humidity, activates cyanoacrylate and causes it to cure for adhesion.


If your lash studio has a higher humidity, the lash adhesive will cure and dry faster than usual. This could lead to dried glue on the droplet, improper placement, and poor retention.


If the humidity in the room is lower than the recommended level, the glue will not be able to start curing. Because of the prolonged exposure to cyanoacrylate, this usually results in sticky lashes and an allergic reaction.


To keep the viscosity of the adhesive, keep an eye on the humidity and temperature in your lash studio. Use your eyelash glues in accordance with it’s humidity and temperature and make sure they're stored properly.

We recommend using a hygrometer with easy-to-read temperature and humidity information that you can keep near you at your lash studio. 


Once you have it, switch it on and leave it for about an hour to do its thing. Return after an hour to note the current humidity level. For two days, do this three times a day, in the morning, lunch, and night.


Add the six percentages together in a calculator, then divide by two for the days. The result is the average relative humidity in your area (ARH). If your ARH is less than 30, we recommend investing in a humidifier. A dehumidifier will be your best bet if your ARH is over 80. While lashing, you want to go for a humidity level between 45 and 55 percent.


Eyelash Extension Glue Recommendation For You:

For low humidity

Optite Low Humidity Adhesive

This adhesive has been specifically formulated to work in low humidity environments, an absolute PRO in low humidities. It has an extra light formula for sensitive clients, it reduces the potential effects on allergic clients. The low humidity adhesive is perfect for the lash artist that is already really quick at lashing since this glue will dry really quickly in 0.5 seconds. 

This adhesive works best in Humidity between 20% – 55% and Temperature 20 – 26°C.

Low humidity eyelash extension glue

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For high humidity

Elite High Humidity Adhesive

Everyone loves a perfect fan. With Thousandlashes high humidity adhesive, it will never be easier to achieve those beautiful fans with no closing. Elite is a lash artist’s favorite and an absolute PRO adhesive in high humidities. The viscosity in this adhesive makes it so that there’s no wicking up the fan. Wicking closes fans. We like open fans.

This adhesive works best in Humidity 40 – 70% and Temperature 20 – 22 °C.

High humidity lash extension glue

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For wide range of humidity

Velour Lash Adhesive

Drying time is just right and it just grabs to the natural lashes and fans don’t close. The perfect glue to use in various humidities. It is incredibly flexible and adjusts fabulously to most temperatures and humidities. On top of all these benefits, this lash glue is oil and water-resistant. The best lash glue for retention!

Best eyelash extension glue for retention

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It doesn't matter whatsoever sort of lash glue you use if you store it poorly, it won't work! It used to be common to keep your glue in the refrigerator. However, with today's adhesives, storing it in the fridge may compromise it.


The reason for this is that when the adhesive is opened, moisture might enter the bottle, causing condensation due to the variable temperature in the fridge. Moisture plays a key role in curing the adhesive, therefore if moisture becomes trapped in the container, it can start to cure inside the container, resulting in a thick, stringy adhesive that won't work.


We recommend putting your glue in a lash adhesive vault, which is an airtight container, to ensure proper storage.

Lash glue storage container

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The lashes will stick together no matter what adhesive you use if your isolation is not on point. Make sure that while you are isolating the natural lash, whether you are using a single hand or a double hand, that it is truly isolated and that there are no little lashes trying to get in.

Before moving on to the next lash, make sure the lash adhesive has dried after the previous one has been applied.

You can check this by counting to two after you've placed the extension and then gently tugging on it. If the extension moves, apply less glue; if it pops off when tugged, add a little more glue or double-check that the extension's base is contacting the base of the natural lash and isn't lifting at all.

How to lash difficult lashes?

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So, the next time you're wondering, "What's the best lash glue for extensions?" remember this. Assess your lash studio or working area and your lash skill level to choose which adhesive will work best for you. 

Only you can decide which factors are most essential to you at the end of the day. Perhaps you prefer a thinner, silkier adhesive, to one with a higher viscosity, or you prefer to have an adhesive with a few more seconds to correct your work even though you could work faster.


This is why we have different lash adhesives to choose from. Each has its own distinct characteristics to complement your personal needs. Go ahead and look through our website to get the best eyelash glue for you.


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The best adhesive is the one that best suits your client's needs and your ability to properly put the lashes. That is why, at Thousandlashes, we have a wide range of options to suit any situation.

Check out below our best-selling lash adhesives to learn more about each we have to offer and to make the best decision for you!

 Best eyelash extension glue professional



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