How to pick a lash curl for your client?

When it comes to your client’s eyelashes, choosing the right length and curl for them is very important. You want to be meeting your client’s specifications, but also educate them on what may be best for them.

You want to make sure they are getting the desired look while maintaining something safe and manageable for them. 

I often get questions from clients on which curl they should pick. Typically, I pick the curl depending on the look they are interested in, as well as on their eye shape.

For the right curl, we provide a variety of different curl extensions. This includes:


This curl will elongate your natural lashes, but will not provide very much curl at all. This lash is ideal for those going for a more natural look.

It’s not often used because it tends to look too natural.

b – simple

This curl will give you the added lift while still staying fairly natural. 

c – medium

This curl is perhaps the most popular in the sense that it provides the lift of a lash curler to open up the eyes.


This curl adds more lift than C curl for added definition and sweep. 

Lash extensions are really exciting but if it’s your first time, it can be kind of daunting. Hopefully, this post helps you understand the basics of lash curls. Have fun, experiment with different styles, lengths, and curls. Also, keep in mind, lash technicians are your best friends. Feel comfortable to sit down, discuss your needs, and have them recommend something for you if you are unsure. They have worked with hundreds of eye shapes and lashes in their years of experience and would happily suggest something that will have you leaving feeling amazing!

To get more information or training about choosing the right lash extensions for your client, please contact or email ThousandLashes at to get the best information and care. Our team will be happy to assist you so you can give your clients the care they need and want.