How To Pick A Lash Curl For Your Client

What is lash curl style preferred for a client with straight lashes? Which is curlier, C or D? Which lash curl is the best? Can you mix C curl and D curl lashes? When it comes to your client's eyelashes, picking the appropriate length and lash curl is very important.

I often get questions from clients on which curl they should pick. Typically, I prefer the curl depending on the look they are interested in and their eye shape.

How to pick a lash curl for your client?
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With so many lash curl options available in the market, it can be challenging to find the best one for your client.

Below we have listed a few things to consider when choosing a lash curl:

How much lift does your client want?

Will the lashes suit their eye shape?

How natural does your client want the lashes to look?

Eye Shape


Once you've decided what length and thickness of eyelash extensions to apply, it's time to choose your lash curl. The shape and direction of your client's natural lashes will help you decide which lash curl will work best.

For the right curl, we provide a variety of different curl extensions. It includes:

Lash Curls



This curl will elongate your natural lashes but not provide much lash curl. This curl is perfect for clients who want a soft natural look. 



This curl will give you the added lift while still staying reasonably natural. 



It is the most in-demand curl because it gives a lift to open up the eyes of the client.



Compared with the C curl, this lash curl gives a more lift to the client's eyes.



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When choosing a curl for your client's lash extensions, it's essential to first look at their natural lashes. It will help you determine the lashes' growth direction, which ultimately decides which direction or curl type you should apply to them.

But how do you know how to choose the right curl?

Two things play into determining the right lash curl and direction:

The position of the lash follicle and natural growth pattern

The width of the eye and shape of the eye socket

For example, if your client has round eyes with a deep-set socket, you'll want to use a J-curl or B-curl to create a more open eye effect. If your client has almond-shaped eyes with a shallow socket, you'll want to use a C-curl to create more length.


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As you can see, all these curls will have different retention because the surface area the extension will adhere to the natural lash varies

Lash Curls

It's essential to master working with one curl and ensure excellent retention before moving to another lash curl. It's ideal to ensure that you do not have clients with specific lash curls coming back with poor lash retention. If bad retention occurs with a particular curl, it's essential to evaluate the surface area and practice it until the contact between the surface area is optimal.

The curls with the easiest and best retention tend to be the C curl, B curl, and L + L and M curls.


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The curls with the least good lash retention tend to be the most rounded (curly). The D curl DD and the C + are the curls with the least favorable retention.


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Lash extensions are fascinating, but they might be intimidating if it's your first time. Also, keep in mind that lash technicians are your best friends. Feel comfortable sitting down, discussing your needs, and having them recommend something for you if you are unsure.

As for our lash sisters, don't be intimidated working with lash curls. It will keep you an opportunity to explore different looks, and your clients would appreciate it if you could educate them about different curls that will be suitable for them.


If you have any questions or you want some additional tips and tricks, please leave a comment below. We will be happy to answer it all and to help you guys on your lash journey and to improve your lash business.


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