How To Take Good Lash Pictures?

So, how do you take good lash pictures? When you go on social media, what captivates your attention? Isn’t it the lash photos? How important it is to have Instagram-worthy pictures? When everything is visual, it’s very important to take very good pictures to captures your future clients to book appointments with you.

The foundation of a good business page is solid, stunning portfolio work. Why would a potential client book in with you, if they can’t see what you have to offer? In increasingly competitive beauty industry, knowing how to take a great lash picture is incredibly important. Luckily, we’re here to give you the tips you need to get that shot!



These are the example of shots that captures the gorgeous lash pictures that you made.



Your model can be lying down or sitting up during this shot – whatever your preference. Using your pointer finger as a marker, ask your model to look upwards and tuck their chin in slightly.

Full Face
Full Face



These close-ups are the real money shots – by zooming in on the lashes, you can show off the neatness of your work. This kind of photo works best when your model is lying down and looking straight ahead.

Single Eye Shot


You wanted to show your followers how you do the lashes by showing some before and after pictures. They can really identify the beauty of having a lash extension.



1. Make the photo and eyelash extension application visually appealing. Proper angle and make sure to focus on the product which is to showcase the beautiful lash work.


2. Good lighting makes a difference. How you light your image will make every difference to the final product. We’d highly recommend a ring light. Make sure to take the photos that are not against the light.


3. Be sure to make the eyelash extensions the focus in your picture.


4. Editing your photo before posting can help enhance the beautiful elements and tweak any imperfections. This is perfectly normal. Just make sure, it’ll not be over-editing.


5. Post different types of lash look showcasing your ability to customize designs for each client.


6. Use Hashtags in your social media photos and get seen by clients. Research and get the high-rich hashtags with your niche.


7. Choose a high-quality smartphone. An iPhone promises high-quality pictures. Regardless of which smartphone that you are using, it’s a matter of how you take the pictures.


8. Ask consent from your clients if they allow you to take their pictures and videos. Ask their consent too if you can post it online.


9. Share how important safety and hygiene are for the lash application process. A great example is to post a picture of your clean lash work station or disposable application supplies.


10. Try a Boomerang (an Instagram feature and app) of the eye-opening and closing or of you brushing through the lashes! I love this app so much and you can ask the client to make fun while shooting this.


How do you edit lash photos?

If you are new to photo editing and want some help on how to improve your lash photos, we have a Lash Editing Free Tutorial just for you!

Lash Editing Free Tutorial



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