How To Use Your Lash Time Wisely

As they say time is gold and time is money. Money means that the business is doing good in terms of profitability.

We run our business based on productivity and profitability. We want to see more clients yet we have to make sure that we are providing an efficient kind of service.

Preparedness is vital in any business. It’s like going to the battle without your gears on you. You will definitely die in the battlefield.

Here are some time-saving tips that I use in order to organize myself and be more efficient in my work.

Appointment Schedule

Your client should know your policy regarding the latecomer, no show and all this kind of concern, to avoid wasted time slot.

Remember: Respect each other’s time

Work Area

Make sure the working area is clean, look and feel comfortable with your client so that they can be relaxed for a good couple of hours.

I make sure that my lash pillow, lash bed cover and lash blanket are all clean and well-sanitized.

Remember: Health is Wealth


Get all the details for that appointment, which lashes your client prefers, which curl, the size needed for that appointment.


Aside from preparing your tools, you also have to prepare yourself. Make sure who eat your meal before starting. You should be physically clean and had a toilet break. You should also be emotionally and mentally ready for the job.


If your clients have arrived, you should already start doing the job. Most especially if you fully booked and you can’t afford to miss out any minute of your time.

Mobile phone

This is applicable for both the clients and the lash artist, to put all mobile phones on silent mode. This will minimize outside disturbances.


I know its tempting to catch up with your client and want to build camaraderie, however, we have a job to be done. A little chat and go back to work. Focus is the key! You can politely say that you have to start making your client beautiful. (I am sure she’ll shut her mouth)


This should be part of your policy, as much as we want to invite more people, we can’t. We want to maintain the homey and relaxing feeling of the area.

It will be very disturbing to have kids and people running around and checking on our work and disturbing our client. This will cause delay and it will make a big impact on our timing.

We also want to maintain cleanliness in our area so we don’t allow people having a potluck lunch at our salon. This will cause another delay as we need to make sure the area will be clean for the next scheduled client.

my two-cent

These are simple steps that are easy to follow. These will greatly improve your timing and efficiency in doing your work. The lesser time you do your job, meaning you can get more clients, however, we need to make sure that our priority will always be quality of our work.

Satisfied clients mean repeat customers. Repeat customers mean another profit.

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