Lash Studio Tips: How to Accommodate Clients with Light Sensitivity

How to relax during eyelash extensions? How do I stop my eyes from twitching with eyelash extensions? Aside from wanting to make our clients beautiful, their comfort during their sessions is one of our priorities.

As a lash artist, ensuring your client's comfort during the application of eyelash extensions is just as important as the final look. A common issue some clients face is sensitivity to light during the procedure. Here are some simple, effective tips to tackle this problem and enhance your client's experience.

How do you stay calm with eyelash extensions

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1. Dim the Lights: Start by dimming the overhead lights in your studio. Bright lights can be overwhelming for some clients, especially when they need to keep their eyes closed for a long time. Softer, more ambient lighting can create a relaxing environment and reduce discomfort from light sensitivity.

Example: Imagine a spa-like setting with gentle, warm lighting, rather than a bright, clinical light overhead.


2. Use a Soothing Eye Mask: Before you begin the lash application, place a soothing, lightweight eye mask over the client's closed eyelids. This can block out any direct light and help them feel more relaxed. Make sure the mask is comfortable and doesn't put pressure on the eyes.

Example: Think of a soft, silk eye mask that gently rests on the eyes, blocking out light without adding weight.


3. Offer Tinted Safety Glasses: For clients who are extremely sensitive to light, you can offer tinted safety glasses to wear during the procedure. These glasses can help filter out harsh light while still allowing you to work efficiently.

Example: Picture sunglasses designed for indoor use, light and comfortable, that your client can wear without hindering your work.


4. Adjust Your Task Lighting: As a lash artist, you need good lighting to see what you’re doing. Consider using a task light with adjustable settings. This way, you can direct the light precisely where you need it without it shining directly into your client's eyes.

Example: Imagine a flexible desk lamp that you can angle away from your client's face, focusing it only on their lashes.


5. Communicate and Check-in: Always ask your clients about their comfort level with the lighting at the beginning of the session. Check in with them periodically to ensure they’re still comfortable.

Example: A simple “How are you doing with the light? Is it comfortable for you?” can make a big difference in your client's experience.


6. Use Light-Reducing Curtains or Blinds: If your studio has natural light coming in, use curtains or blinds that can reduce the intensity of the light. This can be particularly helpful for clients with light sensitivity.

Example: Think of using sheer curtains or adjustable blinds that allow you to control the amount of natural light in the room.


7. Offer a Relaxing Environment: Creating a calm and soothing atmosphere in your studio can help distract from the light sensitivity. Playing soft music or using a gentle fragrance can contribute to a more relaxing experience.

Example: Soft instrumental music or nature sounds playing in the background can provide a calming effect.


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Let me share with you some tips to calm their eyes during the application

There are many ways to relax your client's eyes. Some lash artists provide soothing music, and others bring out their phone lights or a scarf to block the surrounding light. The key is to show your client that you care and that they are in good hands with you. Make them comfortable by asking them to keep their eyes closed throughout the extension process. 

Eyelash Extension Tips If Light Bothers Your Client’s Eyes

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How do you make them more comfortable? Here are some tips:

  • Make sure your client hasn't consumed any caffeine-containing beverages before her lash session.
  • Cut out a piece of lash patches in the shape of a circle.
  • Apply it to the eyelid, and this will block the light. It will help the client sleep.
  • Try keeping the talking to a minimum. When talking, the eyes seem to flutter a bit more.
  • Check if the light being used is bothering your client. If so, try to dim the light to the lightest possible.


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By implementing these tips, you can ensure that all your clients, even those with light sensitivity, have a comfortable and enjoyable eyelash extension experience. Remember, a happy client is likely to be a repeat client and a great source of referrals!



We hope these tips help! If you have anything to add, please comment below and would love to hear from you all.


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