Lash Tips: How To Pick Your Clients Lash Service

Lash extension tips for beginners? How do I find the right eyelash extensions? How to choose eyelash extensions? Asking the right questions before your client's lash appointment will help you provide the best possible service and ensure you're both on the same page. Here are a few tips to remember when consulting and booking your clients.

Lash Tips How To Pick Your Clients Lash Service

Check their skin. Strong eyelash extensions may be too much for delicate skin, such as around the eyes.

Check their health. Clients with certain medical conditions may need extra precautions before getting eyelash extensions.

Check their history. Clients who have had bad experiences with lash extensions in the past may need additional reassurance that you can provide the lashes they've been dreaming of.

Check their lashes. The health and condition of your client's natural lashes will determine what type of extensions she can support and how long they're likely to last before needing a refill appointment.

Check your availability. Before committing to any service, be sure to check your schedule and availability so that you can deliver on your promise!


It's important to consider whether the client has an allergy or sensitivity to lash adhesives or gel patches. Some clients develop an allergy and can never wear eyelash extensions ever again. It's tragic, we know.

Eyelash extension allergic reactions


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No matter how careful we are, this thing happens. You might wonder even to the clients you've been servicing for years. Eyelash extensions can cause allergic reactions compared to other contact allergies, commonly known as contact dermatitis.

When a client has an adverse response to their eyelash extension adhesive, swelling and itching of the eyelids are common. They usually appear within 72 hours of a lash procedure being completed.

Eyelash extensions cause fewer reactions than the lashes themselves. Reactions occur when the glue is still uncured, and they form in response to either the carbon black used to color the adhesive or the adhesive itself.

Lash Allergy 


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I would say less is more. Start using minimal adhesive and add up if needed. Make sure that you're not getting too close to the lash line with each lash. Staying at least 1mm away is a good rule of thumb.

A person's eyelid or eye may experience an allergic reaction. The area of an allergic response impacts the symptoms that a person experiences.

Will allergic reaction to eyelash extensions go away?

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Another essential aspect to consider is comfortable with the implications of coming for a refill every 2-3 weeks. Some clients don't want to maintain their lashes every 2-3 weeks. It would be better to suggest lash lifting for these clients.

What happens if you don't get a lash refill?

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aftercare for lash extensions

It's essential to evaluate if your client is well educated on aftercare if eyelash extensions. To look beautiful and maintain the health of their natural lashes, clients must wash their lashes daily with a lash wash. Clients who skip this step or participate in other lash destructive behaviors such as ripping out their lashes or mascara application to their lash extensions (yes, it happens) may not be great candidates for lash extensions.

What happens if I don't clean my lash extensions?


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Make it a habit to clean your lashes using your trusted brand of shampoo. ThousandLashes Lash Foam is a specially formulated eyelash extension shampoo.

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Professional Eyelash Extension Cleanser

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Eyelash Extensions for Asian Hooded Eyes

Your client's eye shape. It is called styling the client's eyes. The most important part is to ensure you enhance the client's beauty and avoid emphasizing aspects the clients may not like so much. Clients may have various eye shapes such as almond, upturned, downturned, round, protruding. All these shapes will typically have multiple styles that will look nice. For example, clients with down-turned eyes shouldn't have the cat-eye/ squirrel mapping since it will emphasize the Downturned eyes even more.

The size of your client's eyes will also play a role in lash mapping and the style you should give them. The large, small, or in-between eyes and client's eyelids – monolids and hooded eyelids- have different considerations when styling these clients' eyes. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution since all clients' eye shapes are different.

A monolid is an eyelid shape that doesn't have a crease. An eye that does have a crease is known as a double eyelid. Monolids are typically a facial feature of Asian people. However, other races may also have a monolid or an eyelid shape without a crease.

It's essential to recognize that beauty comes in many sizes and eyelid shapes. Monolids are beautiful and unique. Keep reading to learn more about why they're so special, how you can embrace them, and what options you have if you want to have a crease.

Eyelash extensions on Asian eyes

Eyelash extensions for monolid eyes


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Clients with folded eyelids and monolids inner corners should be mapped out slightly differently. As illustrated, if the lash lengths are too short, like 7-8mm, the skin will cover a large part of the client's extensions.

The solution for this is to increase the length of the inner corner lashes to balance out the client's eyes and give the client an open-eyed look.

Best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes


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For monolids, it's better to avoid using flat curls like J and B curls since the natural lash is already flat. This curl will weigh down the lash and make the eye look smaller.

What are the different eyelash curls?

The orientation of your eyes – deep-set, wide-set, close-set, your eye color. The qualities of your client's natural lashes – their length, volume, color, and curl.

Some clients will come to see you with lashes so damaged that it's simply not safe to apply eyelash extensions to them, and it's best to use growth serum until the lashes grow back and look healthy to withstand eyelash extensions again.

It's also ideal to evaluate Your client's preferences – a girl next door, barely-there mascara look vs. a dramatic look for going out to a party. The best way to assess this is to ask your client to show me 3 - 4 lash sets you love, and we can discuss if those sets are realistic for you.

Always remember to make a good conversation with my clients about what kind of look they are rooting for. You can always make suggestions but make sure to listen to them.

Always give them an above and beyond kind of service and I will assure you that they will be your good marketing advertisement. If you make them happy, referrals will come from everywhere.


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Hopefully, you found this blog helpful for you. These are some guidelines for providing a good eyelash extension service to your clients. Leave a comment below and tell us if you learned a thing or two on this blog. If you have any questions or want some additional tips and tricks, please comment below. We will be happy to answer it all and help you guys on your lash journey and improve your lash business. 


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