My Work In Progress As A Lash Artist – Janna

Why do you want to be a lash artist? Is being a lash artist worth it? How do you become a lash artist?

My Work In Progress As A Lash Artist

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Looking back on our work and seeing the progress we've made over the years is sometimes necessary! All the new lash artist out there, please don’t give up! It takes a lot of time to get to where you wanna get to.


1. Be patient with yourself, understand that it will take time to get where u want to get to, it won’t happen overnight, you need to make mistakes, fall, and get back up again.

2. Have reasonable expectations, understand that your work will improve, offer free sets to clients, offer discounts, in order to practice as much as possible.

3. Make friends with other lash artist mentors in the industry and ask them for assistance and help, some will help you others will not.

4. Practice, practice and keep on practicing, if you don’t have any paying clients now, do it for free, I know it’s not fun, but in order to get paying clients, your skills need to be to the level of the industry. The other option is discounting your prices early on.


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Hope I got to encourage all of you to always believe in yourself, that I myself is still a work in progress.


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